Huun Huur Tu & a new life goal

About a year ago, through magic wanderings on the internet, I discovered something out of Russia's Republic of Tuva: Huun Huur Tu (which apparently translates to "sun propeller" or "sunbeams").  They are a fascinating traditional Tuvan folk group of throat singers.  Throat singing was something I had never heard of previously but totally floored me when I figured out what was going on.  The diversity of people and culture on this planet is mind blowing sometimes.  This song is called "Legend" from their third album "Fly, Fly My Sadness" and it is hauntingly beautiful to me.  The female voices are from a Bulgarian Women's Choir.  The contrast of these voices... incredible.

Cant wait to hear what dan thinks of this.  Something tells me its just the thing he might be into.  Rofl.
Also as a brilliant side note.  I've been inspired to start a new collection of music.  I want to collect the national anthems of every nation and subnation on the planet.  My favorite has always been the Soviet National Anthem but there are hundreds that I know I've never heard.  Maybe I will turn it into a fancy blog and share it with everyone.  For starters.. here is the national anthem of Tuva called "Men - Tyva Men" which you may notice, also has throat singers.

Music is completely amazing.