i can't understand legos

so,.. legos.  they have been around for 65 years and there are about half a trillion of them in the world.  i understand why people like them.  i understand why children and adults can spend lots of time making and unmaking simple things with legos.  its a decent little toy.  but what i dont get is the need to convert the rest of the world INTO legos.  im talking about video games, movies and theme parks.  and also when people try to make real stuff like cars, actual cars.


reminds me of the cranberry bit that brian regan does.  i think its time for the "lego man" to take his trophy and go on vacation for a while.  legos are starting to flirt with zombies at the top of the list of things i think the world has WAY too much of.  i am not drinking zombie lego kool-aid, ever.


  1. Zombies are real, Garit. You'll be sorry when the outbreak begins and you're unprepared. They're gonna eat your brains.

  2. Haha! I wont be sorry, Lacey, I will just be mad that everyone was right!


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