how was your weekend?
mine was like this:

i bought a hat - snatched it right off this lady manikin in fact

i also had an accomplice

she is quite fine if you ask me

this is the face we make when we go to concerts together

imagine dragons puts on a good show, so does Mi Ranchito


Black Holes (revisited)

3 years ago i wrote an absolutely "riveting blog" trying to explain the dubious beginnings of the black hole concept. i doubt any of you actually read it but anyway, i wrote that blog feeling inspired after reading a bunch of stuff written by the mathematician named stephen crothers, who is brilliant by the way. today i found myself catching up on some thunderbolts videos from their latest conference (i seriously hope i get to go to one someday). pretty much every thunderbolts video is amazing but my favorite from today was definitely this critique from the man himself.

if you have a few minutes i highly recommend these 2 videos. enjoy.