interview with matt whitehead

wonder if i will ever adventure like this...



I wish every news article I came across could be in this format.  Beautiful.  Neat story as well.

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I crave it.  Desperately.


tell me if im strange

i just spent over 2 hours watching videos of the traditional japanese shave and also the traditional turkish shave.  i was completely mesmerized.  gave me the chills even.

in bolivia haircuts always involved using a razor blade to trim up the sideburns, around the ears and back of the neck.  i always enjoyed that.  i have never had a full face shave with a blade but always imagined it would be great.  after watching the videos.. dang.. i wish i could hire a japanese master barber full-time.

the traditional japanese shave looked amazing!  i watched this guy use a blade on the entire face!  forehead included, it was crazy.  he also used some kind of small stick to carve out the ears and then a different tool.. to, i dont know buff the ear canal?  anyway it just looked so cool.

the turkish barber had some cool tricks too.  he bladed the face twice.  then used a tool that was set on fire at the end and used to bounce a flame on the ear to remove all the hair.  crazy.  there was also hot pine pitch painted onto the nose for some reason.

anyway.. lets just say there is a new item on my bucket list.


man of steel

it has been a really long time since i was this excited for a film.

the soundtrack comes out on the 11th, the movie on the 14th.



something terrible has happened.  recently my spam folder has seen new additions to the usual garbage.  i am now receiving dog food coupons.  how in the 9 hells did that happen? 

its been a good long run... but no email address is forever, its time to retire the legacy...

and this is just the beginning...