2012 supercut

i wonder if i'll ever get to make one of these...

minus that utter nonsense at the end about saving a pet.  judas.


i just bumped into this article: about how a new verizon patent that would be able to send customized commercials to your TV based on what a built in IR camera and microphone would be able to see and hear.  just wondering if you guys would be ok with this?  on one hand i absolutely love the idea of never seeing commercials that do not relate to me.  never seeing another dog food commercial for instance might be enough for me to sign up immediately.  but the idea of being watched on that level just creeps me the hell out.  i understand that we are already be watched and targeted online in a big way but this is pretty alarming.  check out all the juicy details in the link.
but what do i care.  i havnt watched any significant amount of TV for at least a decade  ;)


If I had a 4 year old...

this is totally what we would be doing.  how cool is this kid!?