theory of everything

So everything we've got is riding on the idea of the "Big Bang" and an expanding universe, but what if that idea turns out to be wrong?  This will end up being the worst gamble in history.  I'm amazed that these ridiculous ideas ever got any traction in the first place.  The evidence for new ideas has been rolling in nicely, eventually it is going to get very difficult to ignore.  It's been about a hundred years since Einstein.  Think about that.  How far has our understanding progressed since then?  How much can we really explain?  And even better, how much can we prove?  It is crazy to measure how little we have gained since then.  The good news is, it will take far less time to get back on track.  The Electric Universe model is putting the pieces together rapidly.  And we will gain a thousand times more than what the last hundred years has given us.  These concepts reach so far beyond the motion of planets and galaxies.  Imagine what it would be like to have a hyper accurate weather forecast.  We need to understand what the sun is doing and then we will have an infinitely better view of what's happening on our own planet.  That kind of information would have a million useful applications.  It would be a revolution the size and scope that Tesla gave the world in his day.  And that would truly be just the beginning of it.  I think its time to keep an open mind and start paying attention to what is really going on out there.  We have nothing to lose and so much to gain.



is still really cool.


Digital Culling

I doubt anyone noticed but ive had my facebook disabled for a while.  Why?  Well I do it from time to time.. mostly just to take a break.. mostly experimental reasons.  This time it started out no differently than the past.  I just wanted to.  So I did.  And after considering it for a while.. I've decided to reenable it.  However at the same time, Ive also decided to never use it again.  I already took it off my phone, I am disabling all notifications from facebook.  My page will become a wasteland and a relic.  Much like the old myspace did.

There it is done.

But why you ask?  A few reasons I guess.  I dont feel particularly strongly about anything but facebook is ugly.  I'm sick of looking at it.  Thats a good enough reason right?  Its getting too.. crowded?  Is that the word?  The ads are getting more aggressive and I really dont like aggressive ads.  More than that its the feeling I get every time I get on facebook.  I feel like I'm putting on black robes and wielding a scythe as I try to find something of any value, and that is not fun for me.   Bottom line is.. I left facebook for awhile.. and this time.. I didnt miss it at all.  So now its time to move on.

But move on to what?

Google+?  Nope.. unfortunately I care even less about google+.  Right now my blog posts get automatically uploaded to google+ and that is about as far as I go with google+.  I simply don't use it at all.  So these are my thoughts.  Blogs by far have always been my favorite medium for lots of things.  I started blogging back in 2005 and have loved it ever since.  The vast majority of digital content I consume on the internet are definitely blogs.  I have hundreds if not thousands of blogs aggregated in my Reader that I read everyday.  Blogs are a big deal to me.  So basically I'm giving up these big social media hubs like google+ and facebook to give more attention to what I really love, blogs.

I also see myself using micro-blogging a little more.. and that means twitter and instagram.  I really love instagram but i've hardly used it in the past because i hate being forced into making my photos square.  i hardly ever make square photos.  Twitter is great for on demand content.  My favorite bloggers are not posting everyday so twitter and instagram are a great filler when you need it.

And thats the end of my rant.  Now.  For those of you who visit my blog but hate to actually read stuff.. this last part is for you.

I predict this movie will absolutely rule.

One more thing.  There is a New MySpace coming out soon.  So far it looks absolutely beautiful.  Its being redesigned and remade from the ground up.  Its visually fantastic but I love that it is sticking to what was arguable the best thing about myspace and that was the music.  Now music is a big deal and playlists are built into the main page.  I have high hopes for it.  We will see what happens there.

See you guys in cyberspace.



I realize that I will probably never pick up skateboarding... but if Ido.. you can be sure that it will be one of these.