Regarding Soap

I have been using this lovely little bar soap in the shower.  
It gives off the pleasant aroma of a freshly opened orange.  
I think it might be the best soap I have ever used.  
I completely love it.
There is just one little problem I have with it.  I don't think I like the wording on the back.
It just doesn't seem to capture the true experience of using this soap.
Ah,.. there we go, this is a little more truthful.
Seriously!  What in the blazing depths is going on!  How did this happen and why does everyone seem to be OK with it?!  Exfoliation?  How did this become a standard protocol?  Why does anyone think its a good idea to scrape your skin off and then call it good hygiene, good practice?  

Sounds like a good way to get warts to me.  
Not to mention the obvious discomfort.
What utter nonsense...