recently i have started paying attention to my twitter feed again.  i was saddened to see that the sanctity of twitter has been compromised with ads...
is there nothing that remains pure and holy?


Deep Impact - Confirming the Electric Comet

great video.  those looking for proof need look no further than comets.

ball lightning is real, dan =)


Dark Energy Camera?

Such a WASTE.
I can't even imagine what we could do with the kind of money they are flushing down the toilet at Fermilab.  If they gave 10 billion dollars to a plasma scientist I bet we would see some real magic.


Frugivore Diet

So begins one of the craziest things ive ever tried.
Day 01


Nik Software News

It was announced today that Nik Software, who makes my absolute favorite photography plugins for lightroom and arguable my favorite iPhone app, Snapseed, was just acquired by google!  I think this is a big deal and I hope this is a good thing.  I guessing Google+ is about to get some interesting upgrades.


Willow - Sweater

Such a cool music video!


love only knows

Love this freaking song.


Spam 'n Rice

Sometimes fried spam 'n rice with a little hot sauce is all a man needs to get from one day to the next.


Adam's Birthday Party

Mark took this photo, I did a couple edits in Lightroom.
sometimes photos are awesome.