critics.. i think i hate you

Ok its time for a rant.   I saw the movie John Carter from mars the other day with my dad.   I loved it, so did my dad.   I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.  I was entertained and I feel completely content at watching it.  However I just learned that the movie is apparently on track to lose 200 million dollars and become one of the biggest Hollywood flops of all time.   I was surprised to hear this, so I went and looked at some of things people were saying about it.  

Now all I want to say is this, what the heck is wrong with everyone?  When did everyone become such a critic?  Why is it so popular to pick apart movies?  Why even go?  Why spend the money and waste your time if you are just gonna say horrible things about the experience?  

I think everyone just needs to chill out. 


What is a Comet?

I really love this.  Comets are probably going to be the best way for us to start knocking the heads of mainstream astronomers.  This is an excellent video.  Mark, put down your angry birds for 15min and watch this!  haha