time for a list

  • first and foremost, its been about 2 months since i started this crazy fruit diet...
  • therefore, its a pretty good bet that i would be willing to kill a man for a burrito
  • i think filterstorm is my favorite iphone photo editing app (link) seriously a powerhouse app.
  • glen hansard.  your new album.. is not the direction i want you to be taking.
  • but i still love you and you are still my favorite.
  • its cold.  i sleep in a hoody now.  with the hood all the way up.  like darth sidious.
  • restlessness.  a common foe.  nothing seems to satisfy lately.
  • ive recently been wondering what the secret is to exceptionally good homemade salsa
  • ive never liked avocado/guacamole, its unnaturally greasy and tastes weird.
  • as a personal challenge i may force myself to like it.  
  • does anyone else do weird stuff like that?  apparently i do.
  • i really hate when i cant remember a song ive been thinking about. 
  • its like brain sumo wrestling.  
  • why am i so obsessed with self portraits? 
  • i think my favorite veggie dish is a stir fry garden squash
  • it often reminds me of the movie ratatouille
  • i think i need something to look forward to...
what are you looking forward to?

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