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probably coming from my love of gadgets, i have always loved cameras and photography.  i had a few film cameras before the digital thing happened but i hardly ever used them.  it wasn't till one random, fateful trip to vegas with natalie that i found myself in a sears standing in front of a display case, staring at this little beauty.
The Casio EX-S20
infused with the power of 2 mega pixels of picture taking glory!  and it was TINY!!  i heard angelic chorus as i held the test model in my hands.  i absolutely had to have it.  so i made it mine.  the impulse buy that changed my life forever.  and ive had a camera in my pocket pretty much every day since then.  i took nearly 2000 pictures that year (2004) and basically never stopped.  
what did my photos look like back then?  here is the first digital self portrait ive taken haha.  as well all know there were many more to come.  
this little marvel even shoots video!  (albeit with no sound)  here is the first video that came out of this camera.  this segment is called, "Garit eating pizza in his room"
since then ive gone through a handful of other cameras and taken more than 22,000 photos taking up about 150GB of space on my computer.  and you know what?  after all that.. after almost 10 years of taking pictures my only thought is MORE!  i definitely want more.  i keep trying to think of ways to get myself taking more pictures but they usually dont last.  i run out of energy too quickly to see my projects mature but thats ok.  im happy with the photos i do have and the little that i am able to take here and there.  but im always thinking of the next thing i want to try.  i actually have a very long list of things i want to do with photography someday.  but for now i will leave you with a recent photo from my phone.
look at this and tell me what you see?  what i see is the evidence of an adorable little one year old's curiosity, and it makes me smile.

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