recently i have started paying attention to my twitter feed again.  i was saddened to see that the sanctity of twitter has been compromised with ads...
is there nothing that remains pure and holy?


  1. Are you implying that Silicon Valley is Heaven, tech investors in New York are the 12 apostles, and that unlike the majority of organized religion, it was not invented to tell you what to think? Clear proof you've been worshiping very, very false idols.

  2. But as penance for my mockery of this post, I present you with this piece of photographic awesomeness.


    Apparently it was not unwarranted: "A Leopard attacks a forest department employee, after the man threw a stone toward the leopard in an abandoned construction site in Limbu Village in Siliguri in West Bengal, India."

  3. Now thats what I call a "Surprise mother effer" hahah

    But no I have to say those are not my gods.. i believe in the gods of opensource and that line of thinking. Tesla for president!

  4. opensource is a double-edged sword. it can mean a lot more freedom/coolness but also a lot more jackassery.


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