Dear Apple...

I really friggin hate you right now...

this is by far the most complicated password i have ever had to make.  so complicated that i cant even figure out how to make an acceptable password!  i hate you.  so much.  this is a password i will use more than any other password because of how much i update apps or download new apps on my phone.  which by the way is also ridiculous that i have to do.. every. time.  

thank you for forcing me to type in some devil only knows password


  1. I had this same problem, until I found keepassx. I don't mean this to sound super spammy, but with this program, I don't have to remember arbitrarily long passwords.

    Cause lets face it, it's stupid. Having an 8 character password with upper, lower number and symbol provides even LESS entropy than a 16 character word based password. (See this xkcd: http://xkcd.com/936/ )

    More so, passwords only provide 2 levels of security: username/password, which are pretty easily guessable these days,

    Whereas using a keyfob authenticator (see google authentication, or two step authentication) provides several other levels of complexity, most of which is behind the scenes, while being as simple as entering a username and a password, then a time-sensitive pin.

    To list a few extra security measures with two-step: username/password, time or number based pins, server-to-device hand shakes (using an auth key and auth token, individual secure passwords for individual approved applications) plus someone would have to rob you of your phone!

    Google has it right. Simplicity and security.

  2. I dont even like that i have to slide my finger across my phone to use it. i hate passwords and anything that block me from just doing what i need to do. looking forward to instant retinal scan logins some day.

  3. HAHAHAHA I'm sorry! DO NOT get into Health Care ever...it is password hell

  4. I'm not kidding, I dealt with this exact thing with iTunes yesterday. Ask Lorraine. I launched into a full-on tantrum.

    I would SOOO rather have my itunes hacked then spend a half an hour trying to figure out which obscure password I chose on a particular day, only to forget it a week later, because lets face it. I'm me. And this happens everytime I want to login to iTunes.

    And don't get me started on their stupid questions. What is so wrong with my mother's maiden name, or the name of the high school I graduated from? How about my current city of residence, or the city where I was born? MY FAVORITE PET'S NAME?!?!? I've had a billion pets. I liked them all the same. FAVORITE FOOD?! I like all sorts of food, what a dumb ass question! Now you're forcing me to not only remember a cryptic password, which I will forget, but now I have to make up favorite things like I'm filling out a get to know you work sheet in grade school; Things which I will forget along with Pa$$word2000!@ because I don't have room in my brain for such nonsense.

  5. i feel your pain man. this needs to stop. ive also been preparing a super rant on the ultimate retardation of typing in those impossible to read captcha images.


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