Legend of Korra

I just finished watching the new season of Avatar: the Legend of Korra, so naturally the first thing I want to do is write a gushy blog, spilling my guts about how much I love this show.  But I am going to contain myself a little bit and just post some pics I found via a google search.  haha

The show isnt perfect, in fact there is at least one thing I completely hate about it.  But none of that matters.  I love this show already as much as the first one.  From now on it will be accepted as holy canon as far as i'm concerned.



How long have my fonts been broken? How long has my blog looked like an ugly mess? Why did you not tell me!?

I just reloaded my computer again (possibly more on this later) and was finally getting around to reading Celeste's latest blog post, and in my attempts to write up a reply in the comments I found myself on my own blog looking for something when I noticed this ghastly horror.

My blog is in desperate need of an overhaul.
I will be making this a priority soon...