these are just a couple of quick excerpts from that awesome conference in vegas i missed.  i absolutely love this stuff.


blog honesty

I am many things.

Over the years I have changed quite a bit though, as most people do, when maturity and experience activates the substance of a person. I spend a lot of time alone and as a result, I often find myself indulging in heavy introspection. Its interesting to take account of everywhere you've been and all the things that make you. Most things I'd admit freely, some maybe not so much. I'm not sure which category this fits. I have given considerable thought to what the fundamental core of myself and others would consist of. For me, I doubt it would be the first item on the list but it would surely be towards the top.

I am fundamentally a romantic.

That statement probably has different meaning for different people.  But for me, tonight, it means that songs like this, stop time and pull you out of the world for a few short minutes.  Music like this will speak to you unlike anything else can.  It is a conversation for the depth of you, for the soul.

blog honesty



this was an interesting history lesson.  absolutely loved the gravestone song.



couple things:

  • the avengers... far exceeded my very high expectations.  ive never been so nerdily fulfilled in my entire geeky life.  going to watch it again tonight.  it was the greatest thing ive ever seen.
  • looking forward to some more comic book movies like Batman and Spiderman.