critics.. i think i hate you

Ok its time for a rant.   I saw the movie John Carter from mars the other day with my dad.   I loved it, so did my dad.   I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.  I was entertained and I feel completely content at watching it.  However I just learned that the movie is apparently on track to lose 200 million dollars and become one of the biggest Hollywood flops of all time.   I was surprised to hear this, so I went and looked at some of things people were saying about it.  

Now all I want to say is this, what the heck is wrong with everyone?  When did everyone become such a critic?  Why is it so popular to pick apart movies?  Why even go?  Why spend the money and waste your time if you are just gonna say horrible things about the experience?  

I think everyone just needs to chill out. 


  1. Mua ha ha ha! On behalf of pretentious snobs everywhere, I must say that your frustration pleases me greatly.

  2. Sorry about my husband. Our first big fight ever was about how I thought he belittled me with his high music opinions. (he made fun of me for having Mambo #5 on my iPod, which is a DELIGHTFUL SONG at the appropriate occasion.)

    In the unbiased world of NPR, I heard John Carter's floppage had more to do with failed marketing and PR than it did with the movie. Plenty of worse action movies are made all the time, but they are better sold to the audience ahead of time.

  3. Dan looks down on a cover of a 1949 Perez Prado gem (mildly remix with lyrics added) by a Ugandan/Italian artist from Germany with a passion for 1940s/50s Latin music and clothes?

    That happens to be super catchy and fun?

    Too mainstream I guess. The life of a hipster is exacting.... but rewarding.

    By the same logic you must love John Carter. You should buy a John Carter teeshirt and wear it because it's ironic.

  4. OOH SNAP!!

    But, seriously, I think John Carter will flop because the title/premise/trailer is off-putting. I can only speak for myself but my initial reaction was super cynical.

    1) Disney - which is a good company with good movies but often fails with live action adventure, which is easy to get wrong.

    2) John Carter - they failed to market the fact that it's from a 1911 novel and and the kinda cool-because-its-vague backstory of the character. In context, it's compelling... without this context it's ridiculous.

    3) The trailer focuses on the visuals and the grandiosity. People are cynical about grandiosity and visuals. They've seen it all too many times to be awestruck and have been burned too many times to just assume there will be a good movie behind the CGI.

    When I saw John Carter jump 20 feet on an epic flying barge thing, I checked out. No way this movie will be good. But everyone now tells me it's great. Inconceivable.


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