theory of everything

So everything we've got is riding on the idea of the "Big Bang" and an expanding universe, but what if that idea turns out to be wrong?  This will end up being the worst gamble in history.  I'm amazed that these ridiculous ideas ever got any traction in the first place.  The evidence for new ideas has been rolling in nicely, eventually it is going to get very difficult to ignore.  It's been about a hundred years since Einstein.  Think about that.  How far has our understanding progressed since then?  How much can we really explain?  And even better, how much can we prove?  It is crazy to measure how little we have gained since then.  The good news is, it will take far less time to get back on track.  The Electric Universe model is putting the pieces together rapidly.  And we will gain a thousand times more than what the last hundred years has given us.  These concepts reach so far beyond the motion of planets and galaxies.  Imagine what it would be like to have a hyper accurate weather forecast.  We need to understand what the sun is doing and then we will have an infinitely better view of what's happening on our own planet.  That kind of information would have a million useful applications.  It would be a revolution the size and scope that Tesla gave the world in his day.  And that would truly be just the beginning of it.  I think its time to keep an open mind and start paying attention to what is really going on out there.  We have nothing to lose and so much to gain.



is still really cool.


Digital Culling

I doubt anyone noticed but ive had my facebook disabled for a while.  Why?  Well I do it from time to time.. mostly just to take a break.. mostly experimental reasons.  This time it started out no differently than the past.  I just wanted to.  So I did.  And after considering it for a while.. I've decided to reenable it.  However at the same time, Ive also decided to never use it again.  I already took it off my phone, I am disabling all notifications from facebook.  My page will become a wasteland and a relic.  Much like the old myspace did.

There it is done.

But why you ask?  A few reasons I guess.  I dont feel particularly strongly about anything but facebook is ugly.  I'm sick of looking at it.  Thats a good enough reason right?  Its getting too.. crowded?  Is that the word?  The ads are getting more aggressive and I really dont like aggressive ads.  More than that its the feeling I get every time I get on facebook.  I feel like I'm putting on black robes and wielding a scythe as I try to find something of any value, and that is not fun for me.   Bottom line is.. I left facebook for awhile.. and this time.. I didnt miss it at all.  So now its time to move on.

But move on to what?

Google+?  Nope.. unfortunately I care even less about google+.  Right now my blog posts get automatically uploaded to google+ and that is about as far as I go with google+.  I simply don't use it at all.  So these are my thoughts.  Blogs by far have always been my favorite medium for lots of things.  I started blogging back in 2005 and have loved it ever since.  The vast majority of digital content I consume on the internet are definitely blogs.  I have hundreds if not thousands of blogs aggregated in my Reader that I read everyday.  Blogs are a big deal to me.  So basically I'm giving up these big social media hubs like google+ and facebook to give more attention to what I really love, blogs.

I also see myself using micro-blogging a little more.. and that means twitter and instagram.  I really love instagram but i've hardly used it in the past because i hate being forced into making my photos square.  i hardly ever make square photos.  Twitter is great for on demand content.  My favorite bloggers are not posting everyday so twitter and instagram are a great filler when you need it.

And thats the end of my rant.  Now.  For those of you who visit my blog but hate to actually read stuff.. this last part is for you.

I predict this movie will absolutely rule.

One more thing.  There is a New MySpace coming out soon.  So far it looks absolutely beautiful.  Its being redesigned and remade from the ground up.  Its visually fantastic but I love that it is sticking to what was arguable the best thing about myspace and that was the music.  Now music is a big deal and playlists are built into the main page.  I have high hopes for it.  We will see what happens there.

See you guys in cyberspace.



I realize that I will probably never pick up skateboarding... but if Ido.. you can be sure that it will be one of these.


more photography!

probably coming from my love of gadgets, i have always loved cameras and photography.  i had a few film cameras before the digital thing happened but i hardly ever used them.  it wasn't till one random, fateful trip to vegas with natalie that i found myself in a sears standing in front of a display case, staring at this little beauty.
The Casio EX-S20
infused with the power of 2 mega pixels of picture taking glory!  and it was TINY!!  i heard angelic chorus as i held the test model in my hands.  i absolutely had to have it.  so i made it mine.  the impulse buy that changed my life forever.  and ive had a camera in my pocket pretty much every day since then.  i took nearly 2000 pictures that year (2004) and basically never stopped.  
what did my photos look like back then?  here is the first digital self portrait ive taken haha.  as well all know there were many more to come.  
this little marvel even shoots video!  (albeit with no sound)  here is the first video that came out of this camera.  this segment is called, "Garit eating pizza in his room"
since then ive gone through a handful of other cameras and taken more than 22,000 photos taking up about 150GB of space on my computer.  and you know what?  after all that.. after almost 10 years of taking pictures my only thought is MORE!  i definitely want more.  i keep trying to think of ways to get myself taking more pictures but they usually dont last.  i run out of energy too quickly to see my projects mature but thats ok.  im happy with the photos i do have and the little that i am able to take here and there.  but im always thinking of the next thing i want to try.  i actually have a very long list of things i want to do with photography someday.  but for now i will leave you with a recent photo from my phone.
look at this and tell me what you see?  what i see is the evidence of an adorable little one year old's curiosity, and it makes me smile.


time for a list

  • first and foremost, its been about 2 months since i started this crazy fruit diet...
  • therefore, its a pretty good bet that i would be willing to kill a man for a burrito
  • i think filterstorm is my favorite iphone photo editing app (link) seriously a powerhouse app.
  • glen hansard.  your new album.. is not the direction i want you to be taking.
  • but i still love you and you are still my favorite.
  • its cold.  i sleep in a hoody now.  with the hood all the way up.  like darth sidious.
  • restlessness.  a common foe.  nothing seems to satisfy lately.
  • ive recently been wondering what the secret is to exceptionally good homemade salsa
  • ive never liked avocado/guacamole, its unnaturally greasy and tastes weird.
  • as a personal challenge i may force myself to like it.  
  • does anyone else do weird stuff like that?  apparently i do.
  • i really hate when i cant remember a song ive been thinking about. 
  • its like brain sumo wrestling.  
  • why am i so obsessed with self portraits? 
  • i think my favorite veggie dish is a stir fry garden squash
  • it often reminds me of the movie ratatouille
  • i think i need something to look forward to...
what are you looking forward to?


GoPro so Pro

These little cameras have come such a long way.  I am so impressed by the latest models.  Mind-blowing images are coming back from these things.  Check out this video for a taste. (Highly recommend watching in 1080 + fullscreen)

seriously makes me sick.. i have wasted my life.  this is the kind of stuff i wish i were doing on a day to day basis.


Blow Job

Havn't blogged in a while.  I've been distracted.  But I just found something on the internet that I need to share with everyone.  Probably the best photos I have seen in a long long time.  These are absolutely brilliant.



here's a little sneak peek
way more can be found here on his facebook.  Amazing.


Regarding Soap

I have been using this lovely little bar soap in the shower.  
It gives off the pleasant aroma of a freshly opened orange.  
I think it might be the best soap I have ever used.  
I completely love it.
There is just one little problem I have with it.  I don't think I like the wording on the back.
It just doesn't seem to capture the true experience of using this soap.
Ah,.. there we go, this is a little more truthful.
Seriously!  What in the blazing depths is going on!  How did this happen and why does everyone seem to be OK with it?!  Exfoliation?  How did this become a standard protocol?  Why does anyone think its a good idea to scrape your skin off and then call it good hygiene, good practice?  

Sounds like a good way to get warts to me.  
Not to mention the obvious discomfort.
What utter nonsense...



recently i have started paying attention to my twitter feed again.  i was saddened to see that the sanctity of twitter has been compromised with ads...
is there nothing that remains pure and holy?


Deep Impact - Confirming the Electric Comet

great video.  those looking for proof need look no further than comets.

ball lightning is real, dan =)


Dark Energy Camera?

Such a WASTE.
I can't even imagine what we could do with the kind of money they are flushing down the toilet at Fermilab.  If they gave 10 billion dollars to a plasma scientist I bet we would see some real magic.


Frugivore Diet

So begins one of the craziest things ive ever tried.
Day 01


Nik Software News

It was announced today that Nik Software, who makes my absolute favorite photography plugins for lightroom and arguable my favorite iPhone app, Snapseed, was just acquired by google!  I think this is a big deal and I hope this is a good thing.  I guessing Google+ is about to get some interesting upgrades.


Willow - Sweater

Such a cool music video!


love only knows

Love this freaking song.


Spam 'n Rice

Sometimes fried spam 'n rice with a little hot sauce is all a man needs to get from one day to the next.


Adam's Birthday Party

Mark took this photo, I did a couple edits in Lightroom.
sometimes photos are awesome.


new look

I was getting pretty sick of my blog look and format.  I had a bunch of different ideas for it but for now.. i just enabled one of the new dynamic views built into blogger.  when they first came out with these they were cool but not polished enough for me to want to switch to one.  however trying it out again tonight i can see that they are vastly improved.  i really like it.  so for now or until i get very ambitious... im going to keep it.  and here is a photo to make this all text post,.. hopefully less boring.


Worldly Possessions

I bumped into this article last night.  I was instantly fascinated by it.  I am constantly thinking about this kind of stuff lately.  I think about all the stuff we own and how it really owns us instead. 
These people are in their 20's, from Sweden and this is literally everything they own.  How did you compare at that age?  I remember living in student housing and moving around a lot.  I had a rule I tried to live by, with each move I would attempt to get rid of half my possessions.  I didn't always succeed but I was able to downsize my life pretty well.  There was a period of time where my entire life's possessions (including high school souvenirs and baby books) could all fit into my vehicle.  That was glorious. 

At some point in time I decided to adopt a "less is more" philosophy and its been with me ever since.  I think my idea of perfection would be to live in a self sustaining beach hut.  I would own a couple comfy shirts, couple swimsuits, camera, laptop and maybe a small catamaran. 
And lately I think it's even gone beyond just the idea that less stuff in your life is simple and happier.  I have begun to think about our garbage output.  Honestly I am inwardly consumed by the idea of how much trash we produce on a daily basis.  I once read about a family who decided they wanted to live off the grid.  They built their home from recycled stuff they scavenged and found.  Their water came from rain collected on the roof.  I think they might have had wind and solar for power.  Water was a big deal to them.  Think about how much water you use every day.  Shower, washing hands, dishes, clothes, gardening, drinking, food preparation?  They didnt have much water so they had to cut a lot of corners.  But the thing that left the biggest impression on me was they managed to live in such a way that they produced zero waste.  NO GARBAGE of any kind.  That is marvel to me.  They took their own bags to grocery stores.  They didnt buy anything that would end up in the trash.  Think about that!  It is on my mind every day.  Now I have begun to feel sick every time I have to throw something away.  Our entire culture needs to change.  I used to think that the earth could handle any disaster we humans could conjure.  But I don't believe that any more.  I believe we are destroying ourselves with our bad habits, and in the process we are destroying the earth.  And that only makes our own situation worse. 


nice quote

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”
-Charles Bukowski


Dear Apple...

I really friggin hate you right now...

this is by far the most complicated password i have ever had to make.  so complicated that i cant even figure out how to make an acceptable password!  i hate you.  so much.  this is a password i will use more than any other password because of how much i update apps or download new apps on my phone.  which by the way is also ridiculous that i have to do.. every. time.  

thank you for forcing me to type in some devil only knows password


facebook culling

I just finished another quick and dirty culling of facebook.  If I unfriended you its nothing personal, I just don't want to see any more photos of your pets & babies.  I'm kinda sick of all the politics and churchy posts as well.

We can still be real life friends.. but not facebook friends.  Savvy?


our war

love this song lately.  from Lovedrug.


fire tornado

its beautiful. and so simple!


crazy. creepy. cool.

Skrillex Cinema & Santigold Disparate Youth -
Mike Tompkins DUBSTEP A Capella Remix


Legend of Korra

I just finished watching the new season of Avatar: the Legend of Korra, so naturally the first thing I want to do is write a gushy blog, spilling my guts about how much I love this show.  But I am going to contain myself a little bit and just post some pics I found via a google search.  haha

The show isnt perfect, in fact there is at least one thing I completely hate about it.  But none of that matters.  I love this show already as much as the first one.  From now on it will be accepted as holy canon as far as i'm concerned.



How long have my fonts been broken? How long has my blog looked like an ugly mess? Why did you not tell me!?

I just reloaded my computer again (possibly more on this later) and was finally getting around to reading Celeste's latest blog post, and in my attempts to write up a reply in the comments I found myself on my own blog looking for something when I noticed this ghastly horror.

My blog is in desperate need of an overhaul.
I will be making this a priority soon...



these are just a couple of quick excerpts from that awesome conference in vegas i missed.  i absolutely love this stuff.


blog honesty

I am many things.

Over the years I have changed quite a bit though, as most people do, when maturity and experience activates the substance of a person. I spend a lot of time alone and as a result, I often find myself indulging in heavy introspection. Its interesting to take account of everywhere you've been and all the things that make you. Most things I'd admit freely, some maybe not so much. I'm not sure which category this fits. I have given considerable thought to what the fundamental core of myself and others would consist of. For me, I doubt it would be the first item on the list but it would surely be towards the top.

I am fundamentally a romantic.

That statement probably has different meaning for different people.  But for me, tonight, it means that songs like this, stop time and pull you out of the world for a few short minutes.  Music like this will speak to you unlike anything else can.  It is a conversation for the depth of you, for the soul.

blog honesty



this was an interesting history lesson.  absolutely loved the gravestone song.



couple things:

  • the avengers... far exceeded my very high expectations.  ive never been so nerdily fulfilled in my entire geeky life.  going to watch it again tonight.  it was the greatest thing ive ever seen.
  • looking forward to some more comic book movies like Batman and Spiderman.


critics.. i think i hate you

Ok its time for a rant.   I saw the movie John Carter from mars the other day with my dad.   I loved it, so did my dad.   I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it.  I was entertained and I feel completely content at watching it.  However I just learned that the movie is apparently on track to lose 200 million dollars and become one of the biggest Hollywood flops of all time.   I was surprised to hear this, so I went and looked at some of things people were saying about it.  

Now all I want to say is this, what the heck is wrong with everyone?  When did everyone become such a critic?  Why is it so popular to pick apart movies?  Why even go?  Why spend the money and waste your time if you are just gonna say horrible things about the experience?  

I think everyone just needs to chill out. 


What is a Comet?

I really love this.  Comets are probably going to be the best way for us to start knocking the heads of mainstream astronomers.  This is an excellent video.  Mark, put down your angry birds for 15min and watch this!  haha



here is a cool video from the Electric Universe conference i missed.

and since no one is going to watch an hour long video on awesome science..
here is a totally different and unrelated video for your entertainment needs.

(warning: some adult language in this one)


May 4th

i have a desperate need for May 4th to get here as soon as possible.



watch this and cry at its beauty.  in fullscreen ;)


Four Elements

i will do my own version of this someday