i want to live here

at least for a summer.  how incredible would it be to listen to that at night.
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Aurora Timelapse

Norway has some pretty incredible night skies.

The Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, and our understanding of what it is, has a pretty interesting history. A hundred years ago Kristian Olaf Birkeland theorized the aurora was an electrical phenomena. He did incredible work in the field and had amazing experiments. However, because his theory went against the accepted ideas of the times, he was also a laughingstock among his colleagues. He was the first person to theorize that electrons ejected by the sun would get caught by the earth's magnetic field and be directed toward the poles which would light up the sky, exactly like electrified gas (plasma) in a glass tube does (neon lights).  Makes perfect sense right?  He died in 1917, age 50 "broken in spirit and in intellect, disheartened by the harsh reaction to his theory."  This sounds familiar, Nikola Tesla, the man who changed the world in many ways, the man who built and gave away the entire electrical system the world now uses (for free i might add).  Tesla died in a similar yet worse state.  Why do we keep letting this happen!?  Anyway, 40 years later he was finally vindicated by the soviet spacecraft Lunik 2 but NASA arrogantly dismissed it altogether, saying their data was "unreliable."  5 years later in 1966 it was re-proven by a US navy satellite, and over and over again ever since.  What we now know as the solar wind, was first theorized by Birkeland.  Can you imagine how much further along we might be if we had given him credence 50 years earlier?  Can you imagine what the world would be like now if we had given Tesla the time of day and maybe the resources to secure his vision?  Pride and greed have choked and stifled the advancement of the human condition as we know it.


a few recommendations

i guess ive done a few things recently, and that means i have things to blog about?  cue the bullets!

  • Captain America - The movie is really good.  My favorite thing is the freaking cool costume Hugo Weaving wore!  I would die if I had that costume!  Can you picture me wearing this and cruising around on my motorcycle?  Ultimate.
  • I ate a smothered rojo burrito at Mexiquinse in AF.  It was so good.  It somehow tasted different than other mexican food I've had, which is delightful.  
  •  Recorded another episode of the Desert Bears Podcast with Mark and Davy.  If you have an hour of free time and would like to be amused as we argue about water in space and other things, you will want to click this link.
  • I went to the Bluebird Cafe concert up at Sundance with Branden & Celeste.  I have been several times over the last few years and it is always a treat.  If you like music and have a soul you will love these concerts.  I took a few photos:
  • If you love the Avatar cartoons you will want to click here.  (Legend of Korra)
  • If you like flying you will want to click here.  Words can not describe the awesome.
  • If you want to see some crazy food (yes you really do) click here.
  • The next few things I already posted on Facebook but here they are again if you missed them.  This is a cool time lapse from space.
  • Cool trick with an iPhone and guitar.
  • Watch this.  Full screen.  Don't read anything just watch it.
  • And finally, if you want to see a guy save a young humpback whale, check this out.  (I love this, what a cool experience.)
  • Oh, and this too I guess although it's not really a recommendation.. I took these the other day:


I miss this

Its been so long since I did any hardcore mountain biking.  This video has made me really miss my days spent on the Moab trails (disclaimer - everything in moab is way better then this trail).  Especially the downhill, oh how I loved the downhill!

it would be a good idea to watch this one in HD here.

Kite Aerial Photography

what a fantastic hobby. i want to do this someday.


lets rewind to 1989

i guess i'm going to do another "song and story" post so i hope you liked the last one

listen to this song.  what effect does it have on you?  does it remind you of anything?  does it conjure any images?  it may surprise you to know that this song is infused to the very fibers of my personality.  i admit its a pretty weird confession.  let me try and explain why im so connected.  as far as my life is concerned the year 1989 is only significant for one reason, and that is:
"the wizard"
oh this movie!  its amazing how often my brain goes back to this movie.  for me the most memorable quote is "You got 50,000 on Double Dragon!?" which is also probably weird but im telling you.. its like a stone being eternally skipped across the shores of my mind, it just keeps going.  this is also the grand introduction most of us had to the fabled Nintendo Power Glove (worn by Fred Savage above) the ultimate Nintendo accessory every kid wanted back then.  i really think the point of this movie was entirely to promote the Power Glove and of course Super Mario Bros. 3.  and in the case of the later i think it was hugely successful.  i still remember how badly i wanted that game and the pure epicness of finally getting it.  i still remember the store i got it from.  how crazy is that!?  it was the shopko down by movies 8 in provo, i could walk in there today and show you exactly where the display stood.  here is another weird thing my brain cant drop.  in the movie the kid gets to play the game for the first time in a tournament and when hes playing he instantly finds the warp by pressing down for a few seconds while standing on the white floating box.  after playing the game i remember thinking "how did he know!?!?"  of course i realize now how the whole movie is just silly but my brain still thinks about that from time to time.  now, more than all that, and many other memorable things from this movie, to me, is the spellbinding theme song "send me an angel" by Real Life.  It is burned into me like a permanent scar.  its like a theme song of my life that is just playing in the background all the time.  and maybe that is the reason i am the way i am?  anyway i have a theory about why things like this really stick with you but that will have to wait for another day.  i'll leave you with another quote from the movie:

"i love the power glove, its so bad"


a song and a story

i was just going to post this song (its been a new favorite the last few days) but here is a photo and story to go with it as a special bonus.

saturday was the wedding of a good friend of mine.  all the fun took place up provo canyon pretty much right in front of stewart falls.  it was amazing.  after cutting 3 cakes and all the artichoke dip you could eat, the party ended in the usual fashion of throwing some kind of "bird friendly" confetti at the bride and groom.  but they had one last hurrah planned before they left the scene entirely.  they had tickets to ride the night tram up the mountain, fully dressed in their wedding garb.  being appointed their "unofficial friend photographer" i followed them up the mountain, camera in hand.  it was really fun to see everyone's reaction to an unexpected bride and groom passing them by on the ski lift.  after a while though it became too dark to take their pictures and i was left alone with my thoughts.  i admit that it wasnt long before i started feeling wistful and wishing i had someone to share the night air with.  being alone on a romantic ride up the ski lift at night, wearing my best clothes, staring at the freshly married couple in front of me... can you really blame me for feeling so?  but it was then that i spotted these two girls.  taking photos of random passengers as they would get close enough for the camera flash, they seemed to be having great fun.  as they neared me i openly challenged them to a camera battle!  this photo is the result.  it cheered me right up.  after that i lay down in my tram and watched the night sky for the rest of the ride.  even saw a shooting star.  it turned out to be a peaceful night.
Taken @ 9:20PM Saturday the 16th of July


posters & internet

i read a lot of blogs.  i try to stay up to date on some of the nerdier frequencies out there.  ive noticed a lot of repeating themes out there.  some of them really bother me.  like zombies for example.  i still dont get why such a boring concept has completely entranced the internet and the entire world.  but what ever..  i really want to talk about something else.  and that is fan posters.  now i am all for the arts.  i envy artsy people.  i wish i could create cool things all the blasted time.  but all the posters just annoy me.  there are so many and they seem to get posted on blogs every time someone makes a new one.  however... i think i found the exception.  for some reason i just LOVE this one.  its called "SAMURAI WARS"


5 min review of Spotify

I've been using Spotify for about 5 minutes now so I thought it was a good time to post a review on it, in my favorite blog format,.. bullets!

  • simple interface
  • fast
  • super easy
  • adrian recently gave me a list of music to check out that ive never heard of and spotify instantly found about 85% of what i was looking for.  pretty good id say.
  • no nonsense playlists
  • easy hookup with facebook to see what your friends are listening to.
  • easy way to share songs with people.
  • pretty much better than Rhapsody in every way?  yes.
  • oh and its free.
  • ...
  • GUH!  What the crap!?  audio ads!?  screw this program!


she fits with me

the song of the night is
"what have i found"
by The Lonely Hunter


I got a new mouse

this is my old mouse, the logitech G5.  i bought it years ago.  it recently died.
it lasted a good long while but i think i dropped it way too many times.

this is my new mouse, the logitech G500
this mouse is so much more than just an extra thumb button and a different paint job.  observe.

it has an exciting texture that is pleasing to touch
the buttons are a dream to operate
the wheel is butter smooth
i am in mouse euphoria


wow i love the new blogger in draft!  if you guys aren't using blogger in draft to write your posts to blogger you should switch to it now!


The Arctic Light

from the same guy that did the "the mountain" and other incredible works.
Terje Sorgjerd is a legend and i want to be him.

this is pretty special.  read all the details here.
then watch it again to really appreciate it.


water fascinates me

water is very fascinating.  i am hypnotized by rivers big and small, i am absolutely magnetized by the sea and of course, skipping rocks into a lake is unarguably one of life's greatest pleasures.  im not sure when it all started for me but it might have something to do with watching the movie "the abyss" when i was young.  ill never forget how cool this part of the movie was:
i also remember asking my 7th grade science teacher if you could theoretically really breath liquid oxygen.  i was disappointed to find out that unlike in the movie, liquid oxygen is cryogenic and would therefore be very unpleasant (fatal) if you were to try and "breathe" it.  a while back i posted some really amazing water science if you are feeling in the mood check it out here.  but that is not what this post is about.  its about more slow motion video  =)

i found this video today, incredible footage shot at 7000 frames per second.

water is fascinating, and i may be crazy, but i think about it quite a lot.