My 800th post!

Just wanted to say that our podcast is still humming along nicely, we have about 18 episodes recorded now and i think we all still really enjoy it making it.  Here is a link to episode 13, why episode 13?  well this is the first podcast where we used my shiny new camera.  And honestly I was a little late in getting there that night so I pretty much just threw it on a tripod and hit record so im sure the recordings will get better with time.  Enjoy.


yesterday and today - in photos

kela made ultimate bread lastnight

then i had some fun with cameras and xbox with the nott boys

today i had lunch with barbara

then it got weird...



this is a cool documentary i just watched. pretty fascinating. thought id share it.
(warning there is some language)


HDR Cemetery

Last night i took my camera for a walk and ended up in the AF cemetery.  Here are a few quick HDR edits.  I took 17 exposures to make these 3 photos.

HDR AF cemetery 1

HDR AF cemetery 2

HDR AF cemetery 3

not that great .. still figuring out how to do bracketing on my camera so these were all done manually.



ive had some distractions lately.  some good some bad.  but today (yesterday technically.. ive been up all night.. thats just what i do lately i guess) i reloaded my computer. after i got my photo software reinstalled i decided to pick a random photo and test everything out.  the other day i was sitting in the jeep with a few minutes to burn so i got the camera out to play with ;)

here are a few edits from lightroom

here is the original

hopefully ill get organized soon and start posting more of my pictures.


my first dolphin related post

this amazed me

Aurora Timelapse

here is a neat little aurora timelapse from the norway/russia border.


the "big picture" (follow up)

back in january i posted a blog about this photo

however, today i read a fantastic article that paints a much better "big picture" than i could before.  some of the things in here were real "eye openers" for me.  i think it is profound and worth your time.  read it here.

as a side note, recently i was chatting with dan and lorraine over dinner.  i admitted to them that i did not understand how an earthquake could have such an exact epicenter.  if earthquakes were caused by the shifting of massive tectonic plates across fault lines that are enormous.. how does a single point epicenter make any sense?

detonating electrical double layers?  now that makes a lot more sense to me.  

i love science.


the world is full of surprises...

ill let you guess whats happening here...


who is this guy??

is he a columbian drug lord enforcer?  is he an inventor?  just a normal guy?  or the ultimate badass?

who can say for sure.. all i know is that he has the most impressive suspenders ive ever seen.


a true love of mine

i need to say a few words about a true love of mine.  every year a very special day comes around in the spring.  it is the day when i finally take the old beasty out of the shed and take it for a ride after its been sitting in there all winter.  i am always surprised when it fires right up with no need to change or charge the battery.  the noise it makes in that tiny shed is absolutely monstrous.  it puts a grin on my face like nothing else can.  every year i forget how loud it is.  i dont know if bears have some kind of alarm clock that wakes them up after a long winter of hibernation but hearing that sound ... that terrible roar... it has the same effect on me.  it feels like waking up after a long sleep.

it is a thrilling excitement every time i get on a motorcycle but the first ride of the year is a special ride and perhaps my favorite.  so here's to an exciting new year.  perhaps the best year yet.

the vulcan and i are alive and eager...


Bubbles in Paris

This video is simply stunning and magical.
I want to do this myself someday.
It was also filmed with my 
same camera and lens.


Today so far...

had some breakfast

then calibrated my monitor with my new spyder3

then i got the GH2 out and went for a walk out in the yard
GH2 testing-

[no comment]
GH2 testing--2

this is an old fence i really like
GH2 testing--3

my license plate -- of course!
GH2 testing--4

and a tree in the back yard
GH2 testing--5

Horsetail Falls

Just posted something new on my bucket list blog


GH2 - Its Camera Time

good times roll-1000008

Just wanted to announce the arrival of my new camera.  It is every bit as glorious as I imagined.  I've not been able to do much with it yet on account of im still waiting for my SD card to get here.  Let the good times roll.