Water Science

Do you ever think about how crazy it is that we have done and built so much; perhaps even simply described as "progressed", over the last couple hundred years?  And then have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we have accomplished all that whilst still not having the vaguest idea of the fundamentals of the universe?

We have built impressive systems of transportation, power and communication, yet we have no idea how a magnet can effect an object at a distance.  Magnetism may as well be magic, it can not be physically described.  And this is fascinatingly enough, only a single drop in the very large bucket of what we don't fundamentally understand about nature and the structure of everything around us.

And speaking of drops in a bucket, I just discovered this wildly fascinating lecture from Dr. Gerald Pollack from the university of washington on his evolutionary theory of water.  Water as it turns out, may be one of the things of which we know embarrassingly little about.

Its about an hour long.. I thought it was pretty amazing and worth every minute.. but.. I doubt any of you are actually going to watch it.. which is a shame =)


Update: here is a related interview I also thought was interesting.



I don't talk about books much on this blog.  Lately I am not a heavy reader of books.. but of forums and blogs of all kinds.  However, an important day approaches and it was only a matter of time before I brought it up here.

My all time favorite book, "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

Once upon a time, I was very myopic in book genres.  In fact, when it came to reading anything at all, it was either a heavy scholarly non-fiction or the subtitles in foreign films.  But then Harry Potter happened and I realized "oh cool!  there are other books out there!"  This story has been told by countless others and I suppose I am no different.  After stumbling around in fantasy books for a while I discovered this one.  It was the cover that got me, I liked the colors, the picture was cool and the name conjured all manner of mischief in my mind.  I read it.  It was an instant favorite.  I shared it with everyone I talked to who had any interest in books.  In fact I still do.  Last week I told my doctor about it and she read it in a day.  Everyone I've talked to, without exception, has loved this book.  I could never write a review or sing any praise worthy of merit, but, I just read a review from  someone who definitely can.  You can read it here and I suggest you do.

March 1st marks the very long awaited and enormously anticipated release of the next installment, "The Wise Man's Fear"  I can hardly contain my excitement about it.


i am number four

many of you will disagree but..
this movie was perfect in every way
my new ultimate favorite


one step closer to camera nirvana

unexpectedly my lens came in the mail today with out even a breath of warning. im happy about that. just hope the body comes soon!

its so tiny!  im going to love this camera.


Few more pics from the other day

still working on the timelapse but here are a few more photos in the meantime.

Lake - Valentines Day 06

Lake - Valentines Day 01

Lake - Valentines Day 04

Lake - Valentines Day 08

Lake - Valentines Day 10

Lake - Valentines Day 09

Lake - Valentines Day 02

Lady Antebellum and post #777

This blog has just received it's 777th post!  Is that a lucky number?  I could use some luck.  Anyway the reason for this post is to express my love for this Album.
Downloaded it a little while ago but just now got around to listening to it.  I love it.  I cant remember the last time I loved a whole album in this genre.  Love.

perfect day


Camera Update

Ordered - DMC-GH2S || SILVER BODY || $675.00 

yes it is a crazy low price.. and yes i am out-of-my-mind excited. however there is bad news:

"This Item is Backordered"

Blast! Oh well.. for that price I can wait a while longer. Just hope its not months.

oh yes, she will be mine.


this is my valentine to you

HDR Lake-1

i made it out to the lake before sunrise this morning to do a quick timelapse.  in the meantime i decided to do some HDR.  i will be posting the rest of it later on.. for now i need to sleep.  happy valentines day.  

google - making things easy

sometimes i love google.


The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars -- Part Two

here is the latest from our electric universe friends.  im so excited for this new DVD!  i hope you enjoy this LIGHTNING SCIENCE preview!


breathtaking HDR Timelapse short film

this is just mind blowing to me.  i cant wait try out some HDR Timelapse, though i dont think ill ever have quite the same sophisticated gear.  check it out.  be sure to watch it in HD full screen.

check out how they did it here.  also i wish i could hang out with these guys.


I finally decided on a camera

first just let me say how much i love the website vimeo.com its like youtube only without all the adolescent nonsense from kids who think they know everything (that sentence could have been a lot meaner).  and the content is so much better!

anyway ive done a heavy amount of research over the last couple months.  way more research than i usually manage before i buy a new piece of tech.  typically i become obsessed with an idea, like getting a new cell phone or upgrading home theater equipment and i think of nothing else for 2 or 3 days.  during that time i am basically worthless to all other endeavors.  i read all there is to read on the subject and then i see what other people have done and contrast against my own ideas.  at the end of this experience i usually emerge red eyed and twitchy with a full plan in motion to get what i want.

this time its special, my first semi-serious camera.  its technically not a DSLR since it is mirrorless but i guess it does go in that category.  ive decided on the micro four thirds form factor.  the panasonic GH2.  this thing is chock-full of badassery.  
what do i want a semi-serious camera for?  stills & video, or Timelapse + HDR and fast frame rate video.  i think any DSLR can do Timelapse and HDR well enough so the trick was finding the right video capability and thats where this thing shines.  in my opinion this has the best video you can get out of any DSLR and that is a more than a mouthful (many people will probably disagree with me).  in my opinion the only major upgrade would be an AF-100 or a RED camera and those are not still cameras, they are professional video cameras that cost thousands of dollars and you cant even buy them yet.  here is some video i found on vimeo all shot on the GH2.

there is a million reasons i picked the GH2 but ill spare everyone all the technical details.  unfortunately the $800 price tag means i have to wait until i sell a few things, but i am pretty excited to use this in future projects and adventures.


a side effect of winter

it's amazing how dry it gets during the winter. sometimes when I take my shirt off there is so much static electricity bouncing off my head I get a nose full of ozone.

The Earth is Amazing

I love bioluminescent bacteria.  If you are like me, this is a good read for you.