This is incredible work!

I wish I could do this for a living.

You absolutely MUST watch this in full screen with HD enabled on a full 1080 resolution screen.


  1. 2 qualms.

    1 - 2:20, the little speed up segment. I wish they (he?) could program the track to move the camera at a variable rate while keeping the capture rate constant.

    2 - 2:40, it sounds like a bad music seam here.

    Now dont get me wrong - the only reason I consider those issues is because they distract me from my drooling, wistful gazing of the incredible work. I still give this 99998/100k. Incredible.

    Is this done with your kind of camera?

  2. Motion control systems are advancing all the time but id say still in their infancy. Very few people are on the cutting edge of motion control systems. This was shot on the 5DmkII, a better stills camera than mine.


Thanks for the comments.