a little something for Lorraine

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ok as promised i wanted to post a little something from the other day that is just for you =)

sometimes i need to get out of the house, and when that happens i will often pick up my camera and just walk out the door and keep walking.  a few days ago i was doing just that when i met a few horses along the way.  they came right over to me and we stared at each other for a while.  i think they were hoping for a treat.. like an apple or something.  they soon lost interest in me but i did manage to get a few photos.  here is just one.  its not amazing but maybe you will like it.  also there will be more coming when i finally get the gumption to make a full blog post with an actual topic.


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  1. I love this!!!! Gorgeous picture. A fine, gentlemanly horse. Photographed by a fine gentleman in return.

    Bravo. mas, por favor!


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