New GoPro 2 is amazing

I guess this was all made on the new camera.
Its awesome and i simply want to title it:


you should really click here and watch it in full HD

it has a ton of upgrades!  lots of exciting new accessories and possibilities.  i love the sharper image, bigger sensor, 10fps higher rez photos, 120fps video! and lots of other stuff.  and i think its cheaper than the old one.  crazy!  if you have been wanting a GoPro now is the time.  im sure it will sell out super quick.



i really love ted talks
and i really love electrical science


Bassnectar Remix

Brandon M. posted this song on google + today and I have been listening to it ever since pretty much.  Kinda different than the normal stuff I post on here but since it sounds soooo good on my speaker setup right now.. im gonna share the song and a photo so you can imagine my sonic delight.


red kites

as you already know i am obsessed with slow motion.  here are a couple of dorks with access to phantom cameras.  i hate them.  i wish i could be doing exactly what they are doing.  only better.  and full time.
here they are capturing some local red kites.  i am amazed with what these cameras can deliver!

you really need to click here and watch it full screen though i think.


radical face

cant get enough of this song lately.  so good.


the avengers

im confidently telling you its already the best movie ever ;)


a little something for Lorraine

(I went back to my old template, the new dynamic views are super cool but I think ill wait till there are more options before I move permanently over to something like that)

ok as promised i wanted to post a little something from the other day that is just for you =)

sometimes i need to get out of the house, and when that happens i will often pick up my camera and just walk out the door and keep walking.  a few days ago i was doing just that when i met a few horses along the way.  they came right over to me and we stared at each other for a while.  i think they were hoping for a treat.. like an apple or something.  they soon lost interest in me but i did manage to get a few photos.  here is just one.  its not amazing but maybe you will like it.  also there will be more coming when i finally get the gumption to make a full blog post with an actual topic.



Trying out the new blogger dynamic views for a while.  I think this is my favorite one.  You can look at the other ones by mousing over the top left.

Here is a photo to look at:
(click to embiggen)
took this up af canyon the other day. 


i am concerned

ok so there are scorpion-flies now?
when did this happen?
why did nobody tell me?

i am not prepared for this.
i am concerned.


This is incredible work!

I wish I could do this for a living.

You absolutely MUST watch this in full screen with HD enabled on a full 1080 resolution screen.

More Aurora

this is beautiful