Just a little something to get you excited.


sharing the love/madness

this is in my head ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  i have no explanation for how it could possibly be in my head so much.  you have probably heard me sing it more than once.  so i just thought id share the love.


trying something new

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when i was younger, a lot younger,  i would sometimes try to draw pictures.  i was never good at it, but what is interesting to me is the fact that i seemed to always try to draw pictures of hands and guns.  i have always been fascinated with hands.  but im not quite sure what it is that is so interesting to me.  perhaps the truly unique patterns of finger prints we all have, or maybe its the scars that carry stories and remind us of where we've been.  when i look at my hands or someone else's hands i will never have a quiet mind, but instead a million questions.  a weathered pair of hands is a life's story at a glance.

this is my hand.

i took this photo tonight.  finally.  its been on my mind to do this for a long while now.  there will be more of these eventually.  i would like to make this a regular thing someday.  as i get better at it i might start asking people to let me photograph their hands.  its something ive been excited about for a long time.