Lone Rock

Adam convinced me to go on a mini adventure the other night.
Destination: Lone Rock

I had never been.. never even heard of it.  But it turned out to be a cool spot for shooting guns and cameras, as well as a great place to watch the sun go down on top of a 100+ ft tall rock.  
it was definitely a jeep adventure
and of course one of my favorite things of all time
we had fun up there with our cameras
i think all tripods should have built in chairs =)
right away i noticed some weird stuff up there though...
fossils!  tons of em!
it was a pretty tall rock
we also met some nice folk repelling off the edge
sorry Lacey,.. its too hard to resist!
the family we met got a fire going and made smores...
while we took pictures of the stars from above
and of course i eventually pointed the camera at myself!

(photos of me were taken by adam, edited by me.. except for that last one lol)


  1. one of these times, I want to go with you guys to take pics.

  2. One stiff wind and you're a goner!!!

  3. There was a pretty good wind but it was blowing me towards the safe side. (i know this doesnt mean anything though) Perhaps someday ill get better at this =)


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