Lake Tahoe: the adventure of danger

the first night of our adventure, as we were looking for a place to camp in the middle of nowhere (battle mountain i think) we were deep in the sand when i saw a mountain lion hunting jack rabbits at terminal velocity.  so that was freaky.  we soon reversed ourselves out of that situation and were on our merry way again.

the 2nd night of our adventure was spent camping at a small lake tahoe campground.  it was perfect.  smores over the fire.  good company.  the night sky was absolutely brilliant.  when the nights activities were spent, we soon scurried off to bed.  that was not the end of it however.  after a few hours of sleep i awoke to branden standing over me with a very serious expression.  after a second of collecting my wits, he brought my attention to the strange noises outside our tent.  the next 45 min were spent in fear as we tried to figure out what to do about the situation, multiple large animals only a few feet from where we were sleeping.  i soon had dozens of battle plans ready to be put into action at a moments notice.  finally, after what seemed like an age, a few minutes passed by without a noise from outside, i announced my intention to go out there.  its amazing the amount of courage a full bladder can lend you.  equipped with a leatherman and flashlight, i left the tent.  it was eerie and quiet but i encountered nothing.  after doing natures business i found the remains of our smores and possibly food taken from other campsites.  the bears had eaten a big bag of mallows, a box of graham crackers and all the chocolate.  apparently the bears had their own little picnic in our campsite, i didnt remember there being any watermelon before.  i dont think i have ever been that scared for that long.  its not uncommon for me to be absolutely terrified by something but its usually something fleeting and temporary.  this was different.  this was the kind of terror that lingers for nearly an hour!  after retelling this story to Dan he reminded me of the #1 rule of Cowboy Code - "ALWAYS sleep with your axe"  never again will i forget ...

fast forward to the next day.  after good food and skipping rocks and walking around the lake we found ourselves in a somewhat secluded area that turned out to be our favorite place to swim and hang out at the lake.  we were there for a few minutes then left to get some food and supplies.  an hour later we were back there, each doing our own thing, Lacey putting on sun block, Branden getting the raft going, me unpacking my camera and Celeste was making us all some peanut butter sandwiches.  thus we were all employed when  another tragedy nearly befell us.  a yell and a harsh noise alerted us.  above and to the left a large tree had broken off at the base and was coming down right on top of us.  profanity and quick reflexes saved us from any misfortunes.  how many times have you seen a freaking tree randomly fall down and right in your direction?

anyway so what im trying to say is this.. the trip was amazing.  im sure we all wish we were still there.  good food, fun in the sun, clear blue water, skipping rocks!, and of course good friends.  im really glad and super grateful i was able to do something of this magnitude this year, i had given up on the idea of any epic summer adventures and suddenly i found myself having a truly great one.

here is Celeste's accounting of our travels, definitely check her blog out.

now for some of my favorite photos from the trip.  if you want to quickly look through all of the photos i took they are already posted on facebook here.


  1. holy crap! what about the CAMPING CODE: never leave food in your campsite!! don't you remember the kid who was dragged from his tent and mauled to death by a bear in AF canyon?! Then the tree thing? They say death knocks three times. If i were you, I'd watch my back!

  2. the food was outside. im glad we left it out there and not in the tent or this might have been a different sort of blog post =(

    death knocks 3 times eh? interesting...

    i dont actually recall the AF bear attack.. geez. a black bear did that? must have thought it was a grizzly bear or something.


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