water fascinates me

water is very fascinating.  i am hypnotized by rivers big and small, i am absolutely magnetized by the sea and of course, skipping rocks into a lake is unarguably one of life's greatest pleasures.  im not sure when it all started for me but it might have something to do with watching the movie "the abyss" when i was young.  ill never forget how cool this part of the movie was:
i also remember asking my 7th grade science teacher if you could theoretically really breath liquid oxygen.  i was disappointed to find out that unlike in the movie, liquid oxygen is cryogenic and would therefore be very unpleasant (fatal) if you were to try and "breathe" it.  a while back i posted some really amazing water science if you are feeling in the mood check it out here.  but that is not what this post is about.  its about more slow motion video  =)

i found this video today, incredible footage shot at 7000 frames per second.

water is fascinating, and i may be crazy, but i think about it quite a lot.


  1. That video is amazing! For being drops of water it looks beautiful!

  2. I hiked up Bridal Veil Falls a few weeks ago and I just watched the water cascade down. I kept looking for some kind of pattern, but there never was one, which made it all the more magical. It was mesmerizing watching the drops fall. Watching the way the sun changed the colors in each drop was breathtaking. Water is beautiful, powerful, moving.


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