a song and a story

i was just going to post this song (its been a new favorite the last few days) but here is a photo and story to go with it as a special bonus.

saturday was the wedding of a good friend of mine.  all the fun took place up provo canyon pretty much right in front of stewart falls.  it was amazing.  after cutting 3 cakes and all the artichoke dip you could eat, the party ended in the usual fashion of throwing some kind of "bird friendly" confetti at the bride and groom.  but they had one last hurrah planned before they left the scene entirely.  they had tickets to ride the night tram up the mountain, fully dressed in their wedding garb.  being appointed their "unofficial friend photographer" i followed them up the mountain, camera in hand.  it was really fun to see everyone's reaction to an unexpected bride and groom passing them by on the ski lift.  after a while though it became too dark to take their pictures and i was left alone with my thoughts.  i admit that it wasnt long before i started feeling wistful and wishing i had someone to share the night air with.  being alone on a romantic ride up the ski lift at night, wearing my best clothes, staring at the freshly married couple in front of me... can you really blame me for feeling so?  but it was then that i spotted these two girls.  taking photos of random passengers as they would get close enough for the camera flash, they seemed to be having great fun.  as they neared me i openly challenged them to a camera battle!  this photo is the result.  it cheered me right up.  after that i lay down in my tram and watched the night sky for the rest of the ride.  even saw a shooting star.  it turned out to be a peaceful night.
Taken @ 9:20PM Saturday the 16th of July

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