lets rewind to 1989

i guess i'm going to do another "song and story" post so i hope you liked the last one

listen to this song.  what effect does it have on you?  does it remind you of anything?  does it conjure any images?  it may surprise you to know that this song is infused to the very fibers of my personality.  i admit its a pretty weird confession.  let me try and explain why im so connected.  as far as my life is concerned the year 1989 is only significant for one reason, and that is:
"the wizard"
oh this movie!  its amazing how often my brain goes back to this movie.  for me the most memorable quote is "You got 50,000 on Double Dragon!?" which is also probably weird but im telling you.. its like a stone being eternally skipped across the shores of my mind, it just keeps going.  this is also the grand introduction most of us had to the fabled Nintendo Power Glove (worn by Fred Savage above) the ultimate Nintendo accessory every kid wanted back then.  i really think the point of this movie was entirely to promote the Power Glove and of course Super Mario Bros. 3.  and in the case of the later i think it was hugely successful.  i still remember how badly i wanted that game and the pure epicness of finally getting it.  i still remember the store i got it from.  how crazy is that!?  it was the shopko down by movies 8 in provo, i could walk in there today and show you exactly where the display stood.  here is another weird thing my brain cant drop.  in the movie the kid gets to play the game for the first time in a tournament and when hes playing he instantly finds the warp by pressing down for a few seconds while standing on the white floating box.  after playing the game i remember thinking "how did he know!?!?"  of course i realize now how the whole movie is just silly but my brain still thinks about that from time to time.  now, more than all that, and many other memorable things from this movie, to me, is the spellbinding theme song "send me an angel" by Real Life.  It is burned into me like a permanent scar.  its like a theme song of my life that is just playing in the background all the time.  and maybe that is the reason i am the way i am?  anyway i have a theory about why things like this really stick with you but that will have to wait for another day.  i'll leave you with another quote from the movie:

"i love the power glove, its so bad"

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