Space is scary,.. and yet...

I have always had this weird fear of space.  As in the outer space, the large area between the atmosphere of the earth and the vast reaches of the cosmos.  Its a weird thing to be afraid of, only a handful of humans and chimps have ever found themselves in space.  So i've been trying to analyze my fear a bit lately.  Its interesting because I don't have any of the related fears like being afraid of heights or afraid of dying or suffocating.  For me its just really uncomfortable to think about being so far away from the planet.  And maybe also the perilous nature of being in space means you have to be so exact, deliberate and careful, absolutely every mistake will end in a horrible death.  I guess its just to much pressure?  I dont know.  Anyway I just saw this amazing video of some of the things you get to see from orbit and it surprisingly made me jealous.  Now I sorta want to go check out some space  =)

I was pretty amazed about the detail of the hurricane he was talking about.  So cool!  Click the YouTube button to watch it in HD.

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  1. You make it sound so easy... "Now I wanna go check out space!" "Well, OK Garit, we'll get you on the next shuttle."


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