the phantom flex

this is my favorite camera in the world.  to me it doesnt look like much, in fact i think it looks like something you might find at a garage sale.
this is a 2011 chevy corvette.  638 horsepower, goes over 200 miles per hour, 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.

why did i just compare these to each other?
well, which one do you think costs more?

if you guessed the 638hp fire breathing dragon, you'd be wrong.  a performance priced corvette is under $120,000 which is less than the cost of the camera above.  crazy.

that means it costs a ton of money to capture true slow motion video.  however there are some pretty good options for doing "fake slow motion" check out the video below.

the video above was made with a comparatively cheap DLSR camera (canon 7D) and some tricky software (twixtor) but pretty much any camera with 60fps video can produce something similar.  now look at some bike footage from the phantom flex camera.

can you see the difference?  looking at the tires and spokes is a clue.

anyway, i plan on doing lots of "fake slow motion" with my camera if i ever have the energy for an awesome project again.


  1. I vote for the second video.

    What do I win?

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  3. Wow. that first post was way out there. I had my mind on something political and wierd. I vote number 2 with brandon. We're sharing the prize.

  4. Awesome video and amazing camera. I love the 6 Gigapixels/second spec. That's just cool to say 'Gigapixels'


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