a delectable slow motion video

i am obsessively in love with super slow motion, this was filmed using the awesome Phantom HD Gold camera ($50,000 - $150,000) if i had a stupid amount of money i would buy a Phantom Flex camera, i can honestly think of a million things i would love to see with its amzingly fast frame rates! ( 2,570 fps at 1920x1080, 5,350 fps at 1280x720, and 10,750 fps at 640x480) over the years i have thought about it quite a lot.  anyway here is a fantastic breakfast ad shot at 1000fps.

and here is a behind the scenes video for some extra slow motion goodness

hope everyone is having a perfect weekend


  1. those are freesia. those flowers, i mean. my favorite flower in the whole world.

    but - that's not my point.

    here's my point: this video is awesome!

  2. p.s. i think freesia smell like fruit loops.

  3. hey thats cool about the flowers! now i really want to smell them!

  4. "Hey, we have a couple $100,000 dollar super slow motion cameras, what should we do with them?"

    (But honestly, I would do the exact same thing if I had such a wonderful toy!)

  5. does conerstone have anything like this??? that would be amazing.


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