the big picture

many of you already know that astrophotography/timelapse has become a big interest and a hobby i want to pursue someday.  this morning i came across a video from dakotalapse.com and something remarkable happened.  i have watched many timelapse videos in the past, and i usually like to dissect and figure out how it was made, what gear was used to achieve the exposures, etc, however this time, all i could think about was "the big picture"

its easy to get caught up in the small lives we live - work, school, family, friends, entertainment, distraction.  sometimes we forget how big everything is.  the earth is full of mystery and magic if you can take the time to look for it.  we are part of a large and diverse world but it doesn't begin or end here.

how often do you actually look at the night sky?  how often do you take a quiet moment to marvel and wonder at the vastness of it?  how often do you ask yourself the big questions?  do you ever feel like you are connected to something bigger than this small life?

for me, the clear night sky is a loud reminder...


  1. I have been asking myself about a lot of this myself, lately- not because of the sky, but because of a tragedy of a friend. It's extraordinary how things come to us, and what things jossle us out of the hypnosis and drudgery of human life.

    Dan said something to me the other day that has stuck with me, when I questioned whether God is truly an omnipotent being when such sickening tragedies are happening. He said that all of life seems like a miracle, that being here and having all this is a miracle.

    It doesn't make those mysteries or tragedies any easier to bear, but somehow it seems to balance the universe to see it that way.

    Here is my toast to your big picture, and to mine.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and well said dan. I certainly have questions and confusion but I think I agree with dan.


Thanks for the comments.