the phantom flex

this is my favorite camera in the world.  to me it doesnt look like much, in fact i think it looks like something you might find at a garage sale.
this is a 2011 chevy corvette.  638 horsepower, goes over 200 miles per hour, 0-60 in 3.3 seconds.

why did i just compare these to each other?
well, which one do you think costs more?

if you guessed the 638hp fire breathing dragon, you'd be wrong.  a performance priced corvette is under $120,000 which is less than the cost of the camera above.  crazy.

that means it costs a ton of money to capture true slow motion video.  however there are some pretty good options for doing "fake slow motion" check out the video below.

the video above was made with a comparatively cheap DLSR camera (canon 7D) and some tricky software (twixtor) but pretty much any camera with 60fps video can produce something similar.  now look at some bike footage from the phantom flex camera.

can you see the difference?  looking at the tires and spokes is a clue.

anyway, i plan on doing lots of "fake slow motion" with my camera if i ever have the energy for an awesome project again.


more awesome @ 1000fps

am i the only one who thinks the world is this fascinating when slowed down?


Space is scary,.. and yet...

I have always had this weird fear of space.  As in the outer space, the large area between the atmosphere of the earth and the vast reaches of the cosmos.  Its a weird thing to be afraid of, only a handful of humans and chimps have ever found themselves in space.  So i've been trying to analyze my fear a bit lately.  Its interesting because I don't have any of the related fears like being afraid of heights or afraid of dying or suffocating.  For me its just really uncomfortable to think about being so far away from the planet.  And maybe also the perilous nature of being in space means you have to be so exact, deliberate and careful, absolutely every mistake will end in a horrible death.  I guess its just to much pressure?  I dont know.  Anyway I just saw this amazing video of some of the things you get to see from orbit and it surprisingly made me jealous.  Now I sorta want to go check out some space  =)

I was pretty amazed about the detail of the hurricane he was talking about.  So cool!  Click the YouTube button to watch it in HD.


XPro Camera Mount

this would be the ultimate accessory for my GoPro camera!


korean viral video

i cried watching this



Celeste did a wordle and it made me want to do one.. so here it is!
looks like my blog is full of love, motion and phantom's.  i think im ok with that =)


this song

because its just one of those days...


i have always wanted to...

... hang onto the wing of a plane.

haven't you?


great music & where to get it

first off, here is my favorite song lately.. it seems to be endlessly in my mind.
Paul Dempsey - Ramona Was a Waitress

also i just wanted to share one of my favorite ways to find new great music


the song above is from a band i discovered on noise trade and i have had some other good finds as well.  check it out if you are looking for something new (and free [well its based on donations so if you really love an artist you can donate as much as you want])   Enjoy!


a delectable slow motion video

i am obsessively in love with super slow motion, this was filmed using the awesome Phantom HD Gold camera ($50,000 - $150,000) if i had a stupid amount of money i would buy a Phantom Flex camera, i can honestly think of a million things i would love to see with its amzingly fast frame rates! ( 2,570 fps at 1920x1080, 5,350 fps at 1280x720, and 10,750 fps at 640x480) over the years i have thought about it quite a lot.  anyway here is a fantastic breakfast ad shot at 1000fps.

and here is a behind the scenes video for some extra slow motion goodness

hope everyone is having a perfect weekend


the big picture

many of you already know that astrophotography/timelapse has become a big interest and a hobby i want to pursue someday.  this morning i came across a video from dakotalapse.com and something remarkable happened.  i have watched many timelapse videos in the past, and i usually like to dissect and figure out how it was made, what gear was used to achieve the exposures, etc, however this time, all i could think about was "the big picture"

its easy to get caught up in the small lives we live - work, school, family, friends, entertainment, distraction.  sometimes we forget how big everything is.  the earth is full of mystery and magic if you can take the time to look for it.  we are part of a large and diverse world but it doesn't begin or end here.

how often do you actually look at the night sky?  how often do you take a quiet moment to marvel and wonder at the vastness of it?  how often do you ask yourself the big questions?  do you ever feel like you are connected to something bigger than this small life?

for me, the clear night sky is a loud reminder...