a few bullets

  • thor and mjolnir are my favorite team
  • noodles, tomato juice, alfredo and season salt is my second favorite team
  • the 1981 movie "dragonslayer" was actually pretty good
  • in a few final attempts to like my iphone i jailbroke it again.. then installed android.. still hate it.. selling it
  • nightwolf in the new mortal kombat game has the best fatality ever (lightning knives moon death) awesome
  • i am still in love with riding motorcycles
  • seriously.. what was i waiting for all those years of not having one, i regret not getting one back when i was 16
  • i was absolutely blown away by Lacey's play
  • im getting sick of technology lately.. 
  • i want to go camping somewhere far away from everything for at least a week, soon as possible, it would be the medicine i need
  • inexplicably, i still have a mustache
  • i am super glad my family is coming home tomorrow, i have missed them greatly these last few months
  • i have found myself in several situations lately where knowing german would have been incredibly useful
  • white grape juice can be a lovely treat at 3am
  • i completely hate this mustache.  how on earth can people stand it?  my dad had an epic mustache for years!!
  • happy mothers day, love you mom!
  • this song is beautiful

  • life is hard lately, music is the only thing that makes it bearable

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, goodnight


  1. that is indeed a very beautiful song. i came across a singer I am beginning to love immensely, imogen heap, who reminded me of you.

  2. i definitely love imogen heap. i should get a cool music player for my blog that will play all the stuff i have posted here over the years.

  3. they are still making Mortal Kombat after Sega Genesis?

    You are awesome. Lets all hang out soon.

  4. Oh yes they are. The Sega had the first 3 games, since then there have been 6 more releases. Mortal Kombat lives! However I admit that I have only played 4 or 5 of the 9 games.

    And thank you! I would love to come hang out and have some fun.

  5. Thanks for the oh so kind compliment. I'm glad you liked it!

  6. So it's still a couple of months away but I really think you should come to the Heaton reunion at the end of july. My mom and dad have it the week before and I think we will be there then. It would be wonderful to see you again since I am pretty sure it's been at least 5 years since the last time I saw you.

    Also I just saw Thor last night and I loved it.

    I agree you should make a playlist!

    Lastly have you heard of the website www.cuevana.tv? if not, you should check it out.

  7. @Lacey J. - You are amazing and I can think of many more compliments that belong to you.

    @Joanna - To be brutally honest with you, its probably very unlikely that I will come to the reunion but I'll not rule it out completely. I would love to see you though, we have been great blogger friends but it would be fun to hang out for reals. I have not seen that website before but streaming sites scare me, have you had any side effects using that site? I think a playlist would be fun.. I will but it on my projects list =)

  8. Well if you don't come to the Ranch, you should take a road trip to AZ and enjoy the heat down here so we can hang out for reals :-)
    as for the website, I haven't seen any side effects and we looked up the streaming sites to make sure they check out. Of course I don't use my computer in nearly the same capacity as you do. So I don't know if there are side effects I just don't notice.
    and lastly - as if you don't have enough projects, you have such good contributions to my music world, you probably could do enough to have a music blog! I know I would subscribe.


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