February Sunrise

it would seem i have lost my motivation to start my other blog and related projects,.. for now at least.. so here is a video i finally made from the photos i took back on valentines day.  this was going to be used to kick start a few projects but i just didnt do it.  let me know what ya think.  im proud to have finally figured out how to do a pan/ken burns effect on the timelapse photos.  (i had to figure out crazy software made by this awesome german guy - http://gwegner.de/)

click here to watch it in HD 720p 


  1. this is really fun! captured a lot of beauty and also humor, which was unexpected... pretty marv. great music, too. bravo to you, g sizzle. =)

  2. You are really talented! There are beautiful photo's in here. I feel like they should be in a magazine or something. PS the song was the perfect touch!


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