Summer Blockbusters

~ this year's summer blockbusters ~



someday i will fly...


Antoine Dufour - These Moments

today is just one of those days where i wish i could play guitar.


an unexpected gift

an interesting thing happened today.  this afternoon i decided i needed to get out and enjoy some fresh air for a little while, so i picked up my camera and headed out the door.  i didnt get very far before some flowers in the front yard caught my eye...

and then i noticed something special about this flower...

can you see it?

someone must have lost a dollar somewhere nearby, the wind then picked it up and tenderly set it perfectly into this tulip.  or maybe money never did grow on trees, but pretty flowers are entirely a different matter ;)

(note:  sorry about the bad color edits on the photos.. im temporarily using a different monitor that is not working out for this sort of thing.  sadface.)


February Sunrise

it would seem i have lost my motivation to start my other blog and related projects,.. for now at least.. so here is a video i finally made from the photos i took back on valentines day.  this was going to be used to kick start a few projects but i just didnt do it.  let me know what ya think.  im proud to have finally figured out how to do a pan/ken burns effect on the timelapse photos.  (i had to figure out crazy software made by this awesome german guy - http://gwegner.de/)

click here to watch it in HD 720p 


Tarija - Bolivia

a friend of mine just posted a video that brought back some memories.  this was basically my last area before i came home.  i spent a lot more time out in the dirt than in the city itself but this will give you a good impression of things down there.  some of my best experiences and memories from bolivia happened here.


a few bullets

  • thor and mjolnir are my favorite team
  • noodles, tomato juice, alfredo and season salt is my second favorite team
  • the 1981 movie "dragonslayer" was actually pretty good
  • in a few final attempts to like my iphone i jailbroke it again.. then installed android.. still hate it.. selling it
  • nightwolf in the new mortal kombat game has the best fatality ever (lightning knives moon death) awesome
  • i am still in love with riding motorcycles
  • seriously.. what was i waiting for all those years of not having one, i regret not getting one back when i was 16
  • i was absolutely blown away by Lacey's play
  • im getting sick of technology lately.. 
  • i want to go camping somewhere far away from everything for at least a week, soon as possible, it would be the medicine i need
  • inexplicably, i still have a mustache
  • i am super glad my family is coming home tomorrow, i have missed them greatly these last few months
  • i have found myself in several situations lately where knowing german would have been incredibly useful
  • white grape juice can be a lovely treat at 3am
  • i completely hate this mustache.  how on earth can people stand it?  my dad had an epic mustache for years!!
  • happy mothers day, love you mom!
  • this song is beautiful

  • life is hard lately, music is the only thing that makes it bearable

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, goodnight