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if you dont think this is incredibly beautiful, you're not human.

here is the "making of" video

i found this animated short to be deeply moving.  it is my sincere hope that you enjoy it as much as i do.  made by an artist who found himself in a troubling moment of emotional duress, one of those moments in life where reality is thick and difficult.  but then he listened to this song "world spins madly on" by The Weepies and was completely penetrated and inspired.  music is a current that carries a powerful charge, when it passes through the soul it can have a dramatic effect on a person.  i really relate to this, perhaps we all do at some point.  these are special moments where music becomes a medicine, something so much more than ordinary.  as a talented artist he had the fortunate ability to capture and express the magic that is sometimes felt but so rarely shared. 

it is my profound desire to be able to express myself similarly someday


  1. You gave every feeling I have about this particular treasure complete justice and validation. I know I've said this before... but thank you. This is perfect.

  2. I really enjoyed this, it expresses so accurately what so many of us feel, but can't find the words to say. It's beautiful.

    On that note, I've really enjoyed your blog, another thing of beauty.



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