Natural Phillosophy Alliance conference

Does anyone want to donate $350(+ travel to Maryland) so I can go to the NPA (Natural Phillosophy Alliance) conference July 6-9? 
Look at this lineup!
Wal Thornhill (two talks):
"The Natural Philosophy of the Electric Universe" (The John Chappell Memorial Lecture)
"Galaxies and Stars in an Electric Universe"

David Talbott (two talks):
"Electric Universe: An Interdisciplinary Perspective"
"Electric Universe: The Planets Bear Witness"

Jim Johnson, "Essential Guide to the Electric Universe"

Michael Gmirkin, "The Sun-Earth Connection"

Dwardu Cardona, "Earth’s Primeval Polar Heat"

Ev Cochrane, "Evidence for a Radically Different Solar System in Recent History"

Bob Johnson, "Exploring Galactic and Heliospheric Electric Currents"

Tom Findlay, "Introductory Guide to the Electric Universe"

Rens van der Sluijs, "Towards a History of Plasma-Universe Theory"

Tim Erney, "The Drift-Alfvén Model for a Magnetized Plasma Applied to Saturn's Polar Vortices"

Michael Steinbacher, Mel Acheson, "A New Approach to Mountain Formation"
Also, professor Gerald Pollack (recent blog) will be there, as well as others.

I would absolutely freak out if I could go to this. 

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