a few things

first this.. watch it now.

i went there last year and it was amazing.  this video is beautiful.

engage the bullets!
  • i am way behind on editing the photos ive taken recently
  • however i did finally finish a timelapse i did back february, if you find me on youtube its there
  • i havent posted it here because i have been baking a new blog idea for a while
  • not sure how i will do that but look for it in the near future
  • im selling my computer again, if you know anyone who wants an awesome gaming/everything computer... send em my way
  • ive been building a lot of ultimate gaming computers for people lately, if you would like to have one commissioned let me know
  • can someone turn up the global warming? cause this dude is more than ready for it!
and here is a recap from late last night :
me and adam went looking for adventure/trouble around SLC 
it was a lot of fun but also very cold.  we were both taking pictures like crazies in the middle of the night.  i dont seem to have much to show for it but i think adam did pretty well.
taken by adam edited by me
we saw a bunch of cool stuff, we got up close to a runway at the airport, we saw a fox 5ft in front of us (which i decided to name "the wise old fox" for some reason)  then we saw a pretty cool lunar halo.
we also went to betos but i unfortunately didnt get a picture of the glory. however, when i finally got to bed that night (5am) i ended up having some pretty crazy dreams.  i had the most epic flying dream ive ever had (and there have been many).  i was flying over the oceans and islands somewhere during a turbulent storm.  the waves were enormous and fun!  it was like playing dodge ball with an angry mother nature (she lost by the way).  then i had an extended adventure while camping with friends somewhere in the mountains.  then i was riding my motorcycle around in buildings... where i casually met owen wilson, who thought i had a terribly fashionable hat, and wanted to borrow it.

sometimes you get a "bonus" from a late night trip to betos


  1. I love this post a lot. Glad for the good adventures. and interestingly, I also dreamt extremely vividly last night, and so did a few other people that I know. It was more than the Betos, there was something in the air.

  2. must have been the moon and its super-natural halo eh?


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