AF Bike-Lapse

Needed a little adventure yesterday so I packed up a bit of gear and bungee'd my tripod onto the sissy bar and mounted the GoPro up there and headed to the canyon. When I got up there I found the road was still closed (apparently its still winter up there) one of these days when it's open again I will do a much better video. Before I left I took a few photos and spliced them into the middle of the video.

I am not sure how I managed to get the black bars on the top and bottom.. obviously I dont know what im doing in Adobe Premiere still.. sigh.  Probably better to watch this one at full 1080 resolution.


  1. I watched the whole thing! that's awesome. it reminds me of the old seminary movie camera stills, but it's like version 10.0

    I dig.


Thanks for the comments.