Super cool music video

coolest ive ever seen. in fact heres a top 3 with this at #1
#2 is definitely this one:

and #3 would have to be this:


a few things

first this.. watch it now.

i went there last year and it was amazing.  this video is beautiful.

engage the bullets!
  • i am way behind on editing the photos ive taken recently
  • however i did finally finish a timelapse i did back february, if you find me on youtube its there
  • i havent posted it here because i have been baking a new blog idea for a while
  • not sure how i will do that but look for it in the near future
  • im selling my computer again, if you know anyone who wants an awesome gaming/everything computer... send em my way
  • ive been building a lot of ultimate gaming computers for people lately, if you would like to have one commissioned let me know
  • can someone turn up the global warming? cause this dude is more than ready for it!
and here is a recap from late last night :
me and adam went looking for adventure/trouble around SLC 
it was a lot of fun but also very cold.  we were both taking pictures like crazies in the middle of the night.  i dont seem to have much to show for it but i think adam did pretty well.
taken by adam edited by me
we saw a bunch of cool stuff, we got up close to a runway at the airport, we saw a fox 5ft in front of us (which i decided to name "the wise old fox" for some reason)  then we saw a pretty cool lunar halo.
we also went to betos but i unfortunately didnt get a picture of the glory. however, when i finally got to bed that night (5am) i ended up having some pretty crazy dreams.  i had the most epic flying dream ive ever had (and there have been many).  i was flying over the oceans and islands somewhere during a turbulent storm.  the waves were enormous and fun!  it was like playing dodge ball with an angry mother nature (she lost by the way).  then i had an extended adventure while camping with friends somewhere in the mountains.  then i was riding my motorcycle around in buildings... where i casually met owen wilson, who thought i had a terribly fashionable hat, and wanted to borrow it.

sometimes you get a "bonus" from a late night trip to betos


AF Bike-Lapse

Needed a little adventure yesterday so I packed up a bit of gear and bungee'd my tripod onto the sissy bar and mounted the GoPro up there and headed to the canyon. When I got up there I found the road was still closed (apparently its still winter up there) one of these days when it's open again I will do a much better video. Before I left I took a few photos and spliced them into the middle of the video.

I am not sure how I managed to get the black bars on the top and bottom.. obviously I dont know what im doing in Adobe Premiere still.. sigh.  Probably better to watch this one at full 1080 resolution.


The Mountain

This is an incredible timelapse from one of the best places on earth to do astrophotography, Pico del Teide or Mount Teide in Spain. This is definitely on my list. The Milky Way is amazing but so are the clouds! They remind me of the sea.

Natural Phillosophy Alliance conference

Does anyone want to donate $350(+ travel to Maryland) so I can go to the NPA (Natural Phillosophy Alliance) conference July 6-9? 
Look at this lineup!
Wal Thornhill (two talks):
"The Natural Philosophy of the Electric Universe" (The John Chappell Memorial Lecture)
"Galaxies and Stars in an Electric Universe"

David Talbott (two talks):
"Electric Universe: An Interdisciplinary Perspective"
"Electric Universe: The Planets Bear Witness"

Jim Johnson, "Essential Guide to the Electric Universe"

Michael Gmirkin, "The Sun-Earth Connection"

Dwardu Cardona, "Earth’s Primeval Polar Heat"

Ev Cochrane, "Evidence for a Radically Different Solar System in Recent History"

Bob Johnson, "Exploring Galactic and Heliospheric Electric Currents"

Tom Findlay, "Introductory Guide to the Electric Universe"

Rens van der Sluijs, "Towards a History of Plasma-Universe Theory"

Tim Erney, "The Drift-Alfvén Model for a Magnetized Plasma Applied to Saturn's Polar Vortices"

Michael Steinbacher, Mel Acheson, "A New Approach to Mountain Formation"
Also, professor Gerald Pollack (recent blog) will be there, as well as others.

I would absolutely freak out if I could go to this. 


couple more pics

these are a couple more from the other day when me and kela took the motorcycles for a ride up American Fork Canyon and walked around Tibble Fork for a bit.  I was surprised at how much snow was still up there (probably a lot more now that its been snowing a bunch)  ps i was wearing flip flops...


i hate every browser!

i always use chrome but lately its been quite aggravating, so i went on a quest to find a better browser.. but i quickly came to the conclusion that i hate .. HATE.. all of them.

  • internet explorer 9 - fast but also lacking about every feature i care about - Unusable
  • guh.. i dont even want to finish this list.. all i have to say is i used IE9, firefox, opera, and even safari.  now im going back to chrome.. i hate them all.  will we ever get a rock solid browser that is fast with the features we care about?  computers!  why do you suck so much?
/end rant


Today's photo-venture

I was given a challenge to go take some pictures today so I went to the American Fork amphitheater just below the temple for a little while this afternoon.  here are a few favorites i took and a song thats been in my head.

a few more can be found on my facebook page

Philip Bloom

this guy does pretty good timelapses

when ever he travels he sets up a bunch of cameras from his hotel room window and produces stuff like this. pretty cool idea. you can see how he does it here.


Thought of you

watch this in fullscreen mode with no distractions

if you dont think this is incredibly beautiful, you're not human.

here is the "making of" video

i found this animated short to be deeply moving.  it is my sincere hope that you enjoy it as much as i do.  made by an artist who found himself in a troubling moment of emotional duress, one of those moments in life where reality is thick and difficult.  but then he listened to this song "world spins madly on" by The Weepies and was completely penetrated and inspired.  music is a current that carries a powerful charge, when it passes through the soul it can have a dramatic effect on a person.  i really relate to this, perhaps we all do at some point.  these are special moments where music becomes a medicine, something so much more than ordinary.  as a talented artist he had the fortunate ability to capture and express the magic that is sometimes felt but so rarely shared. 

it is my profound desire to be able to express myself similarly someday


tonight im in love

i cant even help it
her music haunts me

also, more pictures coming soon