a true love of mine

i need to say a few words about a true love of mine.  every year a very special day comes around in the spring.  it is the day when i finally take the old beasty out of the shed and take it for a ride after its been sitting in there all winter.  i am always surprised when it fires right up with no need to change or charge the battery.  the noise it makes in that tiny shed is absolutely monstrous.  it puts a grin on my face like nothing else can.  every year i forget how loud it is.  i dont know if bears have some kind of alarm clock that wakes them up after a long winter of hibernation but hearing that sound ... that terrible roar... it has the same effect on me.  it feels like waking up after a long sleep.

it is a thrilling excitement every time i get on a motorcycle but the first ride of the year is a special ride and perhaps my favorite.  so here's to an exciting new year.  perhaps the best year yet.

the vulcan and i are alive and eager...

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  1. You are the man, I think that i heard the roar from here the other day. For me it is a new pair of running shoes and a day that is perfectly fresh and the sun warms you just a tiny bit. Breaking through the wall of pain and sluggishness and feeling like you can take on the world. True Love!


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