Horsetail Falls

Just posted something new on my bucket list blog


  1. Let me take a moment and guide you through my emotions over about a 30 second period of reading your blog.

    "oh! horsetails! what word came after that? doesn't matter. Ball's gonna talk about horses. Wait..what the? this is WATER!! WAY LESS COOL THAN HORSE TAILS!! but, wait, are they? is that person hanging over a...AHHHHHHHH! That is cool! or is it terrifying? It's terrifying. absolutely terrifying. I would never do that. Ball would do that. Ball should do that. I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.


    Maybe I would do that. And I've decided its okay that this wasn't about horsetails. Nice post."

  2. Maybe ill make a special horse post just for you =)


Thanks for the comments.