I finally decided on a camera

first just let me say how much i love the website vimeo.com its like youtube only without all the adolescent nonsense from kids who think they know everything (that sentence could have been a lot meaner).  and the content is so much better!

anyway ive done a heavy amount of research over the last couple months.  way more research than i usually manage before i buy a new piece of tech.  typically i become obsessed with an idea, like getting a new cell phone or upgrading home theater equipment and i think of nothing else for 2 or 3 days.  during that time i am basically worthless to all other endeavors.  i read all there is to read on the subject and then i see what other people have done and contrast against my own ideas.  at the end of this experience i usually emerge red eyed and twitchy with a full plan in motion to get what i want.

this time its special, my first semi-serious camera.  its technically not a DSLR since it is mirrorless but i guess it does go in that category.  ive decided on the micro four thirds form factor.  the panasonic GH2.  this thing is chock-full of badassery.  
what do i want a semi-serious camera for?  stills & video, or Timelapse + HDR and fast frame rate video.  i think any DSLR can do Timelapse and HDR well enough so the trick was finding the right video capability and thats where this thing shines.  in my opinion this has the best video you can get out of any DSLR and that is a more than a mouthful (many people will probably disagree with me).  in my opinion the only major upgrade would be an AF-100 or a RED camera and those are not still cameras, they are professional video cameras that cost thousands of dollars and you cant even buy them yet.  here is some video i found on vimeo all shot on the GH2.

there is a million reasons i picked the GH2 but ill spare everyone all the technical details.  unfortunately the $800 price tag means i have to wait until i sell a few things, but i am pretty excited to use this in future projects and adventures.

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