Few more pics from the other day

still working on the timelapse but here are a few more photos in the meantime.

Lake - Valentines Day 06

Lake - Valentines Day 01

Lake - Valentines Day 04

Lake - Valentines Day 08

Lake - Valentines Day 10

Lake - Valentines Day 09

Lake - Valentines Day 02


  1. these are beautiful Garit! Can I sit in on a photo editing session with you someday? I really want to see how you get these golds and blues so vibrant and crisp.

  2. I am a total greenhorn but I would be happy to show you all the stuff I do =) and THANKS!!!

  3. those are gorgeous! you really have a talent. i think you should pedal your wares to a gallery or open an etsy shop or something. then your hobby could bring home the bacon!

  4. That is a fabulous compliment, thank you! I will be much more tempted to do something like that when upgrade from my point and shoot camera. I never thought about etsy. In fact I didnt even know they did photography stuff. Sounds like fun, I like bacon =)


Thanks for the comments.