I don't talk about books much on this blog.  Lately I am not a heavy reader of books.. but of forums and blogs of all kinds.  However, an important day approaches and it was only a matter of time before I brought it up here.

My all time favorite book, "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss

Once upon a time, I was very myopic in book genres.  In fact, when it came to reading anything at all, it was either a heavy scholarly non-fiction or the subtitles in foreign films.  But then Harry Potter happened and I realized "oh cool!  there are other books out there!"  This story has been told by countless others and I suppose I am no different.  After stumbling around in fantasy books for a while I discovered this one.  It was the cover that got me, I liked the colors, the picture was cool and the name conjured all manner of mischief in my mind.  I read it.  It was an instant favorite.  I shared it with everyone I talked to who had any interest in books.  In fact I still do.  Last week I told my doctor about it and she read it in a day.  Everyone I've talked to, without exception, has loved this book.  I could never write a review or sing any praise worthy of merit, but, I just read a review from  someone who definitely can.  You can read it here and I suggest you do.

March 1st marks the very long awaited and enormously anticipated release of the next installment, "The Wise Man's Fear"  I can hardly contain my excitement about it.


  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I'm always in need of good (recommended) reads! Its not scary is it? (The cover picture hints at it).

  2. Its not very scary. Its just an amazing story. It has all the good stuff in there.


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