i woke up at 2am. sleep didnt appear to be happening again any time soon so i got up and walked around the dark and seemingly empty house for a bit, as i sometimes do.  after a few solitary laps around the living room i decided to watch a movie.

when i watch movies alone i am often left feeling pensive and melancholy afterwards.  so that led me to write this blog.  however.. blogs that are pensive and melancholy are not as entertaining as pictures from today's car show at the expo center.. 

never in my life did i think i would be a big truck guy but the SVT Raptor "born in baja" is incredible and i want one. not blue though. ill take black or that sweet looking orange-ish color.

my family really loves the audi's

dad loved the BOSS 302 of course =)

i am not a car guy. at all. cars just do not impress me, however.. getting into this new camaro was a pretty shocking experience. i felt at one with the universe when i got into this thing. so that was surprising. if i were forced to drive a car every day i think i would pick a new green camaro. who knew.

the star of the show was also a surprise to me.  i had no idea this car existed. (even as a concept sadly) but here is the 50 year anniversary stingray corvette.  its what dreams are made of.  if a wizard appeared unto me and said "this car will be yours and you will be immune to snake venom for as long as you have it, however,  every time you pull up to a red light you will be bitten by a rattlesnake" i would accept the wizards offer without hesitation.  this is the coolest mixture of rubber and metal i have ever seen.


  1. Boo melancoly! Yay family trip to the car lot? Haha!

  2. Melancholy joanna writes in a notebook then throws the paper away. Good release of tension. As for your wizarding story: one word- Awesome. Thank you for making me laugh!


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