Did you see me on TV?

the first few seconds of this commercial show a dude who looks a lot like me standing in the bottom right.  my entire family is convinced that it is me.  this footage was from the 2009 car show and i was in fact at attendance, but i do not think that dude is me.  the video is not good enough to really tell but i dont recognize the clothes and glasses.  there is no denying the mannerisms though.  its probably my evil twin.  i always wanted one of those.

so what do you think.  is it me?


  1. I don't know, are you that skinny? And the last time I saw you, you had more hair.

  2. baaahahahha. It's YOU!!! what you mean you don't recognize the clothes? Isn't that, you know, what you're always wearing??

  3. Look how lost he looks, it's gotta be you

  4. This is not you. I am in fact an expert in finding you in crowd. I think it's because I'm so good at Where's Waldo. Which by the way would be an excellent costume choice for you come Halloween.

  5. This guy is like the deflection Waldo. You know the one who has the exact same red and white striped shirt but the little fuzzy ball on the end of his hat is missing. This guy was sent onto the scene to fool you into thinking you’ve found Garit but all the while the REAL Garit is staring you in the face while making awkward mouth noises and thinking to himself, “My deflection Garit has fooled you once again! Balls, Science, Lightning, and so forth!” Well played real Garit, well played.

  6. Lorraine is right.
    Mark- hilarious, and correct. Mark, we did it this time. Remember when we failed with Meg in a similar sich?

    Jen- you are right about Waldo being a great costume idea for Garit, and the "deflection Waldo" thing was funny! I can't believe you don't know that it's HIMMM though! It's too obvious. I knew in the first .5 seconds I saw the guy when this commercial came on TV yesterday morning!


Thanks for the comments.