Interview with David Talbott

lots of cool things happening in the Electric Universe group as they gear up for their conference next month.  here is a cool interview with david talbott.


Science, Dear Readers

i have already mentioned the upcoming conference Electric Universe - The Human Story, happening in Vegas in a few weeks, but i want to talk about it again.  this is really exciting.  its so cool to finally see things start happening for these guys.  this conference will be amazing and i really wish i could go (does anyone want to "sponsor" me?  joking.)  anyway here is a cool introduction to Wal Thornhill, who is my science hero, and a little bit more information on the conference.  its 13 min long but i think its worth your time.


TimeScapes Teaser

this is a teaser for something i have been looking forward too for a long time

created by my time lapse hero, tom lowe.  cant wait to see this!


Superhydrophobic Foam

This is so cool!



Ladies & Gentlemen, The Earth

most incredible video ive ever seen.

(click HD and fullscreen)

i kept thinking of these words:

"This planet, with all its appalling immensity, 
is to electric currents virtually no more than a small metal ball." 
~Nikola Tesla~


Electric Universe - The Human Story

I REALLY wish I could go to this conference.


Moving Day

This is so great.



this would be so cool to see!
A chance encounter and shared moment with one of natures greatest and most fleeting phenomena.


New GoPro 2 is amazing

I guess this was all made on the new camera.
Its awesome and i simply want to title it:


you should really click here and watch it in full HD

it has a ton of upgrades!  lots of exciting new accessories and possibilities.  i love the sharper image, bigger sensor, 10fps higher rez photos, 120fps video! and lots of other stuff.  and i think its cheaper than the old one.  crazy!  if you have been wanting a GoPro now is the time.  im sure it will sell out super quick.



i really love ted talks
and i really love electrical science


Bassnectar Remix

Brandon M. posted this song on google + today and I have been listening to it ever since pretty much.  Kinda different than the normal stuff I post on here but since it sounds soooo good on my speaker setup right now.. im gonna share the song and a photo so you can imagine my sonic delight.


red kites

as you already know i am obsessed with slow motion.  here are a couple of dorks with access to phantom cameras.  i hate them.  i wish i could be doing exactly what they are doing.  only better.  and full time.
here they are capturing some local red kites.  i am amazed with what these cameras can deliver!

you really need to click here and watch it full screen though i think.


radical face

cant get enough of this song lately.  so good.


the avengers

im confidently telling you its already the best movie ever ;)


a little something for Lorraine

(I went back to my old template, the new dynamic views are super cool but I think ill wait till there are more options before I move permanently over to something like that)

ok as promised i wanted to post a little something from the other day that is just for you =)

sometimes i need to get out of the house, and when that happens i will often pick up my camera and just walk out the door and keep walking.  a few days ago i was doing just that when i met a few horses along the way.  they came right over to me and we stared at each other for a while.  i think they were hoping for a treat.. like an apple or something.  they soon lost interest in me but i did manage to get a few photos.  here is just one.  its not amazing but maybe you will like it.  also there will be more coming when i finally get the gumption to make a full blog post with an actual topic.



Trying out the new blogger dynamic views for a while.  I think this is my favorite one.  You can look at the other ones by mousing over the top left.

Here is a photo to look at:
(click to embiggen)
took this up af canyon the other day. 


i am concerned

ok so there are scorpion-flies now?
when did this happen?
why did nobody tell me?

i am not prepared for this.
i am concerned.


This is incredible work!

I wish I could do this for a living.

You absolutely MUST watch this in full screen with HD enabled on a full 1080 resolution screen.

More Aurora

this is beautiful



Just a little something to get you excited.


sharing the love/madness

this is in my head ALL THE FREAKING TIME.  i have no explanation for how it could possibly be in my head so much.  you have probably heard me sing it more than once.  so i just thought id share the love.


trying something new

(click to embiggen)

when i was younger, a lot younger,  i would sometimes try to draw pictures.  i was never good at it, but what is interesting to me is the fact that i seemed to always try to draw pictures of hands and guns.  i have always been fascinated with hands.  but im not quite sure what it is that is so interesting to me.  perhaps the truly unique patterns of finger prints we all have, or maybe its the scars that carry stories and remind us of where we've been.  when i look at my hands or someone else's hands i will never have a quiet mind, but instead a million questions.  a weathered pair of hands is a life's story at a glance.

this is my hand.

i took this photo tonight.  finally.  its been on my mind to do this for a long while now.  there will be more of these eventually.  i would like to make this a regular thing someday.  as i get better at it i might start asking people to let me photograph their hands.  its something ive been excited about for a long time.


Lone Rock

Adam convinced me to go on a mini adventure the other night.
Destination: Lone Rock

I had never been.. never even heard of it.  But it turned out to be a cool spot for shooting guns and cameras, as well as a great place to watch the sun go down on top of a 100+ ft tall rock.  
it was definitely a jeep adventure
and of course one of my favorite things of all time
we had fun up there with our cameras
i think all tripods should have built in chairs =)
right away i noticed some weird stuff up there though...
fossils!  tons of em!
it was a pretty tall rock
we also met some nice folk repelling off the edge
sorry Lacey,.. its too hard to resist!
the family we met got a fire going and made smores...
while we took pictures of the stars from above
and of course i eventually pointed the camera at myself!

(photos of me were taken by adam, edited by me.. except for that last one lol)


Lake Tahoe: the adventure of danger

the first night of our adventure, as we were looking for a place to camp in the middle of nowhere (battle mountain i think) we were deep in the sand when i saw a mountain lion hunting jack rabbits at terminal velocity.  so that was freaky.  we soon reversed ourselves out of that situation and were on our merry way again.

the 2nd night of our adventure was spent camping at a small lake tahoe campground.  it was perfect.  smores over the fire.  good company.  the night sky was absolutely brilliant.  when the nights activities were spent, we soon scurried off to bed.  that was not the end of it however.  after a few hours of sleep i awoke to branden standing over me with a very serious expression.  after a second of collecting my wits, he brought my attention to the strange noises outside our tent.  the next 45 min were spent in fear as we tried to figure out what to do about the situation, multiple large animals only a few feet from where we were sleeping.  i soon had dozens of battle plans ready to be put into action at a moments notice.  finally, after what seemed like an age, a few minutes passed by without a noise from outside, i announced my intention to go out there.  its amazing the amount of courage a full bladder can lend you.  equipped with a leatherman and flashlight, i left the tent.  it was eerie and quiet but i encountered nothing.  after doing natures business i found the remains of our smores and possibly food taken from other campsites.  the bears had eaten a big bag of mallows, a box of graham crackers and all the chocolate.  apparently the bears had their own little picnic in our campsite, i didnt remember there being any watermelon before.  i dont think i have ever been that scared for that long.  its not uncommon for me to be absolutely terrified by something but its usually something fleeting and temporary.  this was different.  this was the kind of terror that lingers for nearly an hour!  after retelling this story to Dan he reminded me of the #1 rule of Cowboy Code - "ALWAYS sleep with your axe"  never again will i forget ...

fast forward to the next day.  after good food and skipping rocks and walking around the lake we found ourselves in a somewhat secluded area that turned out to be our favorite place to swim and hang out at the lake.  we were there for a few minutes then left to get some food and supplies.  an hour later we were back there, each doing our own thing, Lacey putting on sun block, Branden getting the raft going, me unpacking my camera and Celeste was making us all some peanut butter sandwiches.  thus we were all employed when  another tragedy nearly befell us.  a yell and a harsh noise alerted us.  above and to the left a large tree had broken off at the base and was coming down right on top of us.  profanity and quick reflexes saved us from any misfortunes.  how many times have you seen a freaking tree randomly fall down and right in your direction?

anyway so what im trying to say is this.. the trip was amazing.  im sure we all wish we were still there.  good food, fun in the sun, clear blue water, skipping rocks!, and of course good friends.  im really glad and super grateful i was able to do something of this magnitude this year, i had given up on the idea of any epic summer adventures and suddenly i found myself having a truly great one.

here is Celeste's accounting of our travels, definitely check her blog out.

now for some of my favorite photos from the trip.  if you want to quickly look through all of the photos i took they are already posted on facebook here.


Perseid's Adventure: Preview

mark is undeniably a pro outdoors-man
my dad fixing up some dutch oven while the rest of us are busy camping
"a wizard appears unto you..."
i think we are all very glad my dad decided to come adventure with us
i was able to capture an event horizon
unfortunately mark's tent was cursed with a biblical plague...
fantastic food, lots of nerdy kids with cameras, hilarious stories, davy's musical impersonations, fascinating meteors, 2 epic flat tires, metal detection...  

good adventure.

timelapse video hopefully coming soon!


the plagues of man

somehow the front door came open sometime last night and was wide open by this morning. in the past 24 hours there have been at least 50 confirmed mosquito kills in this house.   while writing this post another one just flew right in from of my face.  id rather do battle with an infestation of hungry wolves.

this is neither hyperbole nor adynaton, but a declaration.


photography and powerful story telling

found a really neat video today about how photography can tell powerful stories.  i hope i am able to do this someday.


move, eat, learn

Found some pretty cool videos today.  What a fun idea this is.  It would be so amazing to be able to do things like this!  More items for my ever growing wish list...  But anyway ill just give your their own little introduction:
3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.....

= a trip of a lifetime.

move, eat, learn
Dont forget to hit the full screen button!


to breathe underwater

it would be nice to be able to breathe underwater.  i would never sleep in a bed again.  i would get a giant glass tank and just float face down in the water.
what could be more comfortable?
one of my fav underwater photographers - vivantvie 



taken yesterday, posting more soon...


a morning treat

a terribly uncomfortable night meets its end 
at the sight of subtle hues of early morning, 
desperate mosquitoes dancing just outside my window, 
and the sweet taste of granola in my bowl.


El Cielo de Canarias

this captures a few of the things i hope to do some day. beautiful video, definitely worth your time.


Camping and the Delta Aquarid's

We did some camping over the weekend to watch the Delta Aquarid meteor shower up at silver lake.  We had fun and are excited to do another campout for the annual Perseid meteor shower 2 weeks from now on August 12th.  (Everyone is welcome to come just shoot me a txt or something)
Adam ended up getting a pretty sweet photo of Polaris (the North Star) and subsequent star trails.
(photo by Adam, quick edits by me)

Here are some photos of last year's hurrah.  It was so fun and we saw such amazing stuff that night that we decided to start doing it every year! 
 See you at the Perseid's! 


i want to live here

at least for a summer.  how incredible would it be to listen to that at night.
via 1x.com


Aurora Timelapse

Norway has some pretty incredible night skies.

The Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, and our understanding of what it is, has a pretty interesting history. A hundred years ago Kristian Olaf Birkeland theorized the aurora was an electrical phenomena. He did incredible work in the field and had amazing experiments. However, because his theory went against the accepted ideas of the times, he was also a laughingstock among his colleagues. He was the first person to theorize that electrons ejected by the sun would get caught by the earth's magnetic field and be directed toward the poles which would light up the sky, exactly like electrified gas (plasma) in a glass tube does (neon lights).  Makes perfect sense right?  He died in 1917, age 50 "broken in spirit and in intellect, disheartened by the harsh reaction to his theory."  This sounds familiar, Nikola Tesla, the man who changed the world in many ways, the man who built and gave away the entire electrical system the world now uses (for free i might add).  Tesla died in a similar yet worse state.  Why do we keep letting this happen!?  Anyway, 40 years later he was finally vindicated by the soviet spacecraft Lunik 2 but NASA arrogantly dismissed it altogether, saying their data was "unreliable."  5 years later in 1966 it was re-proven by a US navy satellite, and over and over again ever since.  What we now know as the solar wind, was first theorized by Birkeland.  Can you imagine how much further along we might be if we had given him credence 50 years earlier?  Can you imagine what the world would be like now if we had given Tesla the time of day and maybe the resources to secure his vision?  Pride and greed have choked and stifled the advancement of the human condition as we know it.


a few recommendations

i guess ive done a few things recently, and that means i have things to blog about?  cue the bullets!

  • Captain America - The movie is really good.  My favorite thing is the freaking cool costume Hugo Weaving wore!  I would die if I had that costume!  Can you picture me wearing this and cruising around on my motorcycle?  Ultimate.
  • I ate a smothered rojo burrito at Mexiquinse in AF.  It was so good.  It somehow tasted different than other mexican food I've had, which is delightful.  
  •  Recorded another episode of the Desert Bears Podcast with Mark and Davy.  If you have an hour of free time and would like to be amused as we argue about water in space and other things, you will want to click this link.
  • I went to the Bluebird Cafe concert up at Sundance with Branden & Celeste.  I have been several times over the last few years and it is always a treat.  If you like music and have a soul you will love these concerts.  I took a few photos:
  • If you love the Avatar cartoons you will want to click here.  (Legend of Korra)
  • If you like flying you will want to click here.  Words can not describe the awesome.
  • If you want to see some crazy food (yes you really do) click here.
  • The next few things I already posted on Facebook but here they are again if you missed them.  This is a cool time lapse from space.
  • Cool trick with an iPhone and guitar.
  • Watch this.  Full screen.  Don't read anything just watch it.
  • And finally, if you want to see a guy save a young humpback whale, check this out.  (I love this, what a cool experience.)
  • Oh, and this too I guess although it's not really a recommendation.. I took these the other day: